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About Gage Green

OUR MISSION is to provide outstanding quality cannabis to medical marijuana patients on a consistent basis. We offer our handcrafted seeds to a diverse group of growers who rely on top shelf quality every cycle. Utilizing the finest means and methods with champion lineage is a mainstay and must have in all our endeavors. We compete with ourselves for the best!

OUR PROCESS is organic and natural. Our products do not contain artificial chemicals or hormones because patients are our first priority. Our state-of-the-art technique is exceptional in all aspects of growing and breeding.

OUR DESIRE is your success.

Gage, the name Louis Armstrong used for marijuana, inspired countless Jazz and Blues artists to perform their beloved tunes to the hearts of people around the globe. In the same way, Gage Green has been inspired to cultivate unparalleled medicine for patients seeking the best cannabis.

The Gage Green Group strives to uphold the highest level of excellence and philanthropy in our pursuit for the finest cannabis. Our process never compromises and our cannabis genetics are designed for those who want the best.

We are a responsible and environmentally-conscious organization that strives to bring about positive change to the communities around us. Gage Green Group will empower those who use cannabis as medicine; by not only producing the highest quality cannabis genetics, but by also striving to make the world a better place for everyone.

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