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Connoisseur Cultivation (2011)

Learn how to grow like a connoiseeur! We walk through the basics on how you can maxamize your grows by searching for the best genetics in the world. This article was published in TheCannaChronicles and Releaf Magazine.

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Elements of Our Success (2012)

When did we first learn about probiotic farming and what are the benefits of microorganisms in the soil? Only the universe can tell. This article was published in SKUNK Magazine.


Living Water: A New Perspective (2012)

"Pseudoscience" is what a chemical-biologist called this article. Our knowledge of the earth is not hindered by the limitations of science. Be like water. This article was never published.


Deepening Our Relationship With Cannabis (2013)

Follow our journey as we explore our personal and spiritual relationship with the herb. This article was published in Treating Yourself Magazine.


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