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Blackberry Pie

[Jojorizo's Blackberry Widow x Jojorizo's Crystal Locomotive]

Jojorizo's Blackberry Widow is a very aromatic strain with purple calyxes and the Crystal Locomotive adds the frost and true potency that patients crave. These seeds carry the highly-prized traits passed through the Crystal Locomotive's Trainwreck and White Widow lineage. It is easy to grow in all formats. Blackberry Pie is a beautiful plant with blanketed in royal purple reserved only for the finest. Every phenotype we tested was glistening with trichomes and had a nice combination of medicinal body highs and uplifting head highs. This lady has "winner" written all over her.

Genetic Facts

Sativa/Indica Hybrid
8 - 9 Weeks
Vigorous Plant, Easy Yields

Gage Green Group
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