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Bright Moments

[Grape Stomper x Grape Stomper OG #1]

Gage Green presents a new Grape Stomper hybrid that utilizes two heirloom parents. We combine our renown Grape Stomper (25.71% THC, 1.73% CBD) with a sturdy Grape Stomper OG #1 Male to maximize resin production and increase potency. As we have seen from his progeny, the Grape Stomper x OG #1 passes on the signature grape smells, pronounced resin glands, and a distinct sativa dominant head rush. The combined force of this power couple will create some exciting phenotypes, as we have found in our tests.

Read the facinating report by SkunkMunkie (CLICK HERE), where he describes the effects as "mind clearing, upbeat and happy. Relaxing, warm and no feelings of anxiety or paranoia just peaceful meditation & bliss." This hybrid is perfect for those looking for an uplifting, sativa dominant experience with just enough indica to relax the body.

Genetic Facts

Sativa/Indica Hybrid
8 - 9 Weeks
Vigorous Plant, Large Yields, May Stretch

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