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Six years ago, I ran into an advertisement for a product that seemed to speak to me for one reason or another. I called the number on the ad and talker to the distributor for at least 45 minutes about organic gardening, asking many questions about what the product was and what it did. Mr. D gave me some real solid information and he had the effortless enthusiasm that I detect when a product has merit. He told me about farmers who are using the product for success under situations like droughts and flooding. Not wanting to miss anything, I ordered a gallon.

The product was Quantum Growth Light and it was a momentous day as it completely changed everything about how we at Gage Green Group grow and breed world-class medicinal plants.

Upon receiving the Quantum Growth, I took the jug out to my mixing bucket and opened the cap and seal – Whoaaa, talk about funk. Someone please cover the hole!

I was hesitant to use a lot at once, so I only used a little bit on one section in my room. I foliared, did a root drench, and kept my nose plugged the whole time. Later on, I discovered that once the product is mixed well with the water, the sulfite smell dissipates completely. By this time, I had left a message with the distributor noting the rotten smell from the bottle while stating my concerns for the plants I had just watered.

The next day, the section watered with Quantum Growth was brilliant! Everything was lush, green, and strong. I was super impressed with the performance. I could not get over the product’s obvious benefits and my initial reaction to the smell.

The next day I talked to my new friend, he laughed and asked me how the plants were doing. “They are doing better than great!” I exclaimed and proceeded to tell him about what I had just witnessed with my own eyes. He just laughed and said, “I told you that you’d appreciate this product.”

Then I learned how one can use much less fertilizer and water throughout the growth cycle. Farmers testing the products are harvesting an additional 30 percent yield while saving money. Do I have your attention, friend?


They are a proprietary mixture of all the microbiological organisms (including fungi and bacteria) that will significantly benefit the vigor and health of your plants. The only difference between the two products is their concentration. Most growers out there do not realize just how big of a role these super tiny organisms plan in our environment. In fact, most do not know that the majority of bacteria strains that exist are actually beneficial to plants and animals rather than harmful.

Scientists have not only been using microbiological cultures to increase plant vitality, but they have also used similar technology to clean toxic wastes! With this in mind, imagine the wonders that can be brought to your garden through the science of microbes.

A plant interacts with Photosynthesis Plus and Quantum Growth’s blend of microbiological organistms at two regions of the plant: the root zone and the vascular system. The Plant’s root zone will begin to reap the benefits as soon as the soil is drenched with the product. The bacteria will quickly begin to replenish the soil with life.

Part of the goal of the natural, organic grower is to enrich the soil’s ecosystem with beneficial microbes in order to mimic what soil is like in nature. Most of the soil’s energy is produced by the beneficial bacteria that inhabit it. These microbes will help your plants by fixating nitrogen to the roots as well as by defending the plant’s soil harmful organism.

What makes these products different from microbiology products is that they are shelf-stable and do not use growth inhibitors which could damage your plants. In fact, Photosynthesis Plus and Quantum Growth contain a special strain of photosynthetic purple bacteria called Rhodospirrillum rubrum not found in any other microbial product. This strain can turn light into energy, or photosynthesize, more efficiently than the plant itself! The photosynthetic bacteria can process the excess light that the plant cannot absorb and provide the energy right back into the soil.

This blend of microbes will aid in the plant’s biological processes so that in times of stress, the plant will be able to maintain good health. For example, one of the benefits of inoculating your soil with beneficial microbes is to help keep plants from wilting during times of drought or flooding. Tests have also conclusively shown that use of Quantum Growth can dramatically lower the amount of nutrients and water a plants need over the course of its lifetime.

Photosynthesis Plus and Quantum Growth can also be applied via foliar. The foliar solution will coat the surfaces of the plant leaf so that the bacteria can help defend the plant from pathogens and aid in the transfer of nutrients.

All these functions of beneficial microbes lead to one thing – astounding results. It is nearly impossible to find another product that can transform one’s garden as quickly and effectively as quickly and effectively as Quantum Growth.

All these benefits can easily be seen! Root zones are double the size of the plants not treated with Quantum Growth. We are seeing faster growth and increased yields in every plant treated with these beneficial microbes than with other lines.


Our combined experience using the Photosynthesis Plus and Quantum Growth has shown us that the relationship these organisms establish has a real and direct effect on THC and CVD percentages. We have also noted that in these last six years, everything grown and maintained in the Gage Green Gardens has had superior health and vigor. It is the main ingredient in the gardens and in every endeavor we undertake starting from seed.

Setting up a balanced unity between the plants and its root medium from will put the plant in its peak performance levels. The sticky THC resin glands on and around the flower act as a impressively strong devise for self-defense and self-preservation, although our instincts tell us that these glands have evolved towards a larger and more profound spiritual significance through human consumption and breeding in the last century.

The most intriguing effect of Photosynthesis Plus and Quantum Growth on plants that we have observed is the increased effectiveness in defensive mechanisms on the plant itself. Sticky resin glands and other secretory elements such as hairs, prickles, and papillae have been documented to protect a plant from known predators and pests. Many insects know intuitively to avoid the sticky buds for fear of being trapped by oozing resin glands. And for the most part, harmful pests like mites and caterpillars will be easier to control because contact with a healthy, treated plant will slow down the pests’ movements and will not easily weaken the plant. Keep in mind that this blend of bacteria is not meant to be a pesticide and growers should still take precautions and protective measures to keep pests from establishing colonies in their gardens.

Using these products, we have witnessed superior growth and health on all our plants. One explanation to the amazing growth has to do with the stiffer and sharper glands and hairs along the stalks. Harmful pests will avoid the plants treated with beneficial microbes because they are healthier and have intensified natural defense systems.

My inspiration comes from seeing true growth and full medicinal potential being made apparent through the partnering with microbiology. We use these products to treat every seed, sprout, seedling, and mature plant in our garden. We even use it throughout the plant pollination phase. Gage Green Group knows that healthy parents will produce genetically superior seed stock. In fact, we are excited to report that most of the offspring obtained from our hand-selected seed offerings are outperforming the THC levels and yields of the original parents!


Do you want larger yields of the most resinous buds and prettiest buds you have ever seen? We offer our full endorsement of Photosynthesis Plus and Quantum Growth and promise that you will see stellar results in any format and any situation. If it has roots and needs light, then this product will make it better.

Our best harvest so far has produced 13 pounds of dry product with fewer than 5400 watts of light. People still talk about it with pleasant surprise. No bugs, no mold, just connoisseur quality buds. Quantum growth primarily targets agricultural and landscaping professionals. Microbe Life Hydroponic’s Photosynthesis Plus, or Pluc C in California, are now available at and will soon be available at most hydroponic stores.

We know you are going to love this product and we look forward to hearing your stories of successful grows and massive yields.

**This article was written in 2012. In addition to using Quantum Growth, we have added the use of GRO-KASHI Garden Dregs (organic mycelium probiotic fertilizer) which can be found at Both of these products contain Purple Photosynthetic Bacteria and other beneficial microbes.**

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