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Our company, based in Amsterdam, has found refuge in the gardens of growers throughout the world. As cannabis becomes more accepted in Europe and abroad, we hope to see our genetics spread to all those who seek to use cannabis to benefit their lives.

Find us at your local dispensary or seed bank. Or, ask your cannabis provider to start carrying Gage Green Genetics. Have them contact us today!

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Harborside Health Center - Oakland & San Jose, CA

Healing Chakra Meds - San Diego, CA

Empire Alternative Care - Riverside, CA

Kindest Meds - San Diego, CA

TLO Collective - Las Vegas, NV

Club Meds - Flint, MI

Genotype A - Ann Arbor, MI

Detroit Wellness Center - Detroit, MI

The Bean - Fenton, MI

Jackson County Compassion Club - Jackson, MI - Lapeer, MI

*We advise patients to call in first as seed availability varies by location

Cannabis Seed Distributors

The Bank of Gage UK - The source for Gage Green Genetics

The Attitude Seedbank - The world's largest marijuana seed superstore

Holistic Nursery - Holistic Nursery specializes in providing premium cannabis seeds to medical gardeners.

Cannazon - Home to the world's finest breeders.

High Life Seedbank - Huge selection of dank genetics.

Sea of Seeds - One stop shop for all different types of cannabis seeds.

Ali Bongo - Lifestyle, Leisure, Head, Grow. - Worldwide Seedbank.

Midweek Song - Second to none in customer service.

Herbies Head Shop - Head to the Headies Head Shop to get ahead on seeds!

Banned Distributors

Many of these stores carry fake GGG genetics. Beware!

Warning: Use or germination of Gage Green Genetics is only intended for medicinal patients. Seeds or other cannabis products obtained in certain territories may be prohibited by law. Please check your local laws first. We do not condone illegal activity.

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