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Gage Green Gardens

Take a stroll through our garden and enjoy the wonders of cannabis. Our probiotic garden is filled with crystal-laden cannabis buds oozing with exotic aromas. Explore the legendary gems in our labs and explore the full potentials that cannabis has to offer.

Gage Green Gardens promises an eye-opening experience. Our garden contains some of the world's most tantalizing cannabis. With our library of prized genetics, we select and develop new champion cannabis varieties that create lasting memories. The never-ending search for better medicine begins here.

Our garden manifests our desire for a better earth. Our garden uses fresh, living soils full of biological ingredients, rich volcanic minerals, and essential microbiology for a truly nature-based process. Our process eliminates the need for harmful pesticides and fungicides. Full of vibrant color and aromas, the amazing results at harvest time speak for themselves.

All patients deserve a truly memorable experience with this miraculous plant. We hope you have a bright and joyful stay in our garden. Our herbs will enlighten the mind and relax the body. Try our latest creations, the flavors are breathtaking!

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  • Phenotype Research / Development
  • Selecting Champion Characteristics
  • Discover Infinite Possibilities

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