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Grape Stomper x OG Kush

[Gage Green Grape Stomper x New York OG Kush]

Our original and most popular strain, the Grape Stomper, is crossed with the illustrious OG Kush "Jo Pheno" (selected for the finest, heirloom traits from a New York OG Kush) to produce a best-of-both-worlds hybrid with the strongest medicinal properties combined with the other-worldly Grape Stomper frost for bag appeal. The sweet grape combined with the pine-lemony smell produce an aroma unlike any other and each phenotype is sure to pack a unique and pleasant smell. The frost is unbeatable in every variation and the taste will make your mouth water.

Genetic Facts

Sativa/Indica Hybrid
8 - 9 Weeks
High to Very High Yields
Strong medicinal qualities.

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