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It has been a while since we've shared what we were up to, but as the old saying goes, "good things are worth waiting for." There is so much excitement here as of late regarding the many achievements and milestones we have achieved recently not only with our breeding work but in other parts of our lives as well. Seeing our rooms brighten up with new mouth-watering phenotypes right in front of our eyes and watching individuals post up the most incredibly beautiful grow logs priceless!

Gage Green Group has blossomed into a gathering of multi-talented individuals who share a passion for bettering our connection with this plant. The dedication of growers, breeders, and connoisseurs make this group something truly unique and special in the quest for newer and better cannabinoid medicine.

In the upcoming months, an incredible array of diverse genetics will make its way into our testing arena. Careful selections will be made in order to help us create the future generation. We will be testing a pre-selected mix of seed stock and heirloom clones for side-by-side testing and selecting of the best plants for upcoming breeding projects. Only world-class genetics will make it through our selection process.

Our sativa landrace hybrids are truly mouth-watering delights for sativa lovers. With the introduction of refined hybridized genetics to pure sativa genetics, the once wispy sativa buds suddenly take on a more solid and fuller bud formation. The opportunity to find perfect structure and aromas while retaining that mind-expanding high makes these the highlight of our grow room.

For the Kush and Diesel lovers, look forward to a true California experience with our diverse line of Joseph OG hybrids. Explore the locked down Underdawg genetics in this remarkable male. We intend to join Jo's potency, fuel, and frost with more powerhouse females including the Pure Kush, Purple Alien, Grape God, King Louis XIII, and Harlequin.

Potency will naturally abound. Watch as the Joseph OG's high THC and highly resinated offspring freezes over with frost. The recent phenotypes from our labs are abounding in flavor and lauded by all who have sampled our latest selections. Our increased partnership with notable lab facilities and testing has provided us a cutting-edge tool for analyzing our seed offspring. This number-based second opinion has helped confirm that our focus on excellent parents for breeding is truly reflected in our work.

Recently, lab reports from Halent Laboratories proved that the Joseph OG does indeed allow high CBD genes to be inherited by his F1 offspring. For example, when paired with high-CBD mothers like the Harlequin, tests showed that 25% of the samples we submitted of the Freedom Baby aka Harlequin Jo had significantly high CBD to THC ratios. This is a great sign for patients who want to find high CBD genetics.

Our goals are to take those CBD numbers through the roof while maintaining the flavor and finding phenotypes that are easy to grow well. We intend to take our CBD-dominant genetics to well over 20% CBD while also focusing on providing unique profiles for those seeking specific ratios of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids to focus on individual needs.

One of our goals is to give back to the world. That goes hand in hand with breeding fine cannabis. Our own exploration of cannabis has made it clear: we can use cannabis to help the world.

In our own quest to better ourselves and improve the quality of our lives, the focused use of cannabis has had a profound effect on bettering ourselves. When we use cannabis and focus our mind on having a better health and a better life, the effects are incredible. Our bodies immediately respond to the positive thoughts and we began to achieve our goals. Whether it is solving problems or coming up with new ideas, this method of using cannabis has helped us drastically improve our health and enhance our mental capabilities. While we are not medical doctors, we have discovered there are many ways to become a better human being and cannabis has played a crucial role in bettering our lives here.

Our recent interactions with cannabis have brought us closer to the earth. The utilization of nature-based technologies has really improved the quality of our cannabis and the quality of our lives. Our use of restructuring tools like the water revitalizer has had visible effects on our garden almost overnight. We have also seen the transformative powers of nature with the implementation of probiotic farming methods. As the quality of our medicine improves, we improve with each passing day. Through the perspective that cannabis offers, cannabis has led us to discover many truths about our world and has offered us insight into our purpose here on earth.

Our hope is that one day cannabis will have an opportunity to touch everybody's life in a similar manner. All of us have the potential within us to improve our health, develop our creativity, and live in harmony. The more we realize how connected we are with the world and with each other, the more we begin to focus on each other's similarities rather than differences.

Thank you for your time and support for what we do. We hope you enjoy your time with us here at Gage Green Group. Our journey with cannabis has taken us to new awakenings and higher levels of the mind. Please join us.

Have a blessed day,

Gage Green Group

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