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Purple Snowman

[Jojorizo's Purple Elephant x Elite's Chemdawg-Sour Diesel aka Snowman]

The Purple Snowman is Gage Green's original hybrid which created the legendary Grape Stomper aka Sour Grapes. It has a pleasant mix of sativa and indica qualities and good yields which can produce marijuana with over 25% THC! These were a very small production run. Females produce the frostiest mix of colorful colas. Purple Snowman's sweet taste comes from its Purple Elephant side, is covered with crystals unlike any other cannabis, and rivals the best in potency.

This strain is officially discontinued since we believe that Grape Stomper and its hybrids will deliver the results people are looking for. Look for more projects involving the Purple Elephant in the future.

Genetic Facts

Sativa Dominant
8 - 9 Weeks
Medium to Very High Yields
Uplifting, pain relief and relaxation.

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