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[Colombian Gold x Chemdawg OG]

The Shadowdancer rises from the depths to inspire new life into the cannabis gene pool. Looking for the best of both worlds, Gage Green Group has introduced an old school, classic landrace with a modern, highly refined hybrid to unlock new genetic expression and vigor. The old school genetics will provide the Shadowdancer with crucial outdoor traits such as pest, disease, and mold resistance. The new school genetics add a familiar flavor and potency to up the ante.

The Shadowdancer exhibits a nice spicy, haze aroma with a sweet fuel highlight. Phenotypes will vary in stretch and flowering time. Become a pioneer and explore the new facets of cannabis through this latest offering - Shadowdancer.

Genetic Facts

Sativa/Indica Hybrid
10-12+ Weeks
Indoor/Outdoor, Vigorous growth

Gage Green Group
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