Seeding the World – Releaf Magazine 2013

Our mission is to better the world by bettering ourselves. May it be so. The paper was originally written for ReLeaf Magazine in December of 2013.

Seeding the World by Gage Green Group

The life of a champion seed starts when a pairing between two plants has crystallized in our minds. Gage Green Group breeds with only the finest cannabis plants which have undergone rigorous selection in our lab. Our strict standards guarantee amazing results from seed.

Once the pollen from one of our prized males hits this pistil of a proven female, the magic begins. The genetic material of the male joins with female to create a seed that yearns to spread its eye-opening powers to the world. This seed is protected and pampered during the development period and the finest teas are administered to our voluptuous mothers as they nourish the babies.

When the seeds are released from their calyx home, we begin the drying and sorting phase. Each seed is harvested and hand-selected to ensure proper germination rates. We baby our seeds and fill them with lots of good vibes. Each seed has the potential to reach an infinite numbers of people and we want every person to feel the love!

That is why we devote these seeds to healing and helping the world. We know that every seed has the possibility to offer something extraordinary to each individual grower. Each seed possesses unique genetic combinations that could hold the key to a new form of treatment or unlock an undiscovered benefit of cannabis.

Our breeding program involves vigorous selection of our endless library of plants. As medicinal cannabis patients ourselves, we breed genetics that have a beneficial effect on our body. Whether it is relief in the joints or unwinding mental stress, the genetics that we work with provide us with all the needed properties for effective cannabinoid treatments. This is why our creations stand out.

Gage Green Group looks for plants that promote healthy bodies and healthy minds. When it comes to medicinal effects, our focus is on expansion and relaxation so that users are at peace and their minds are uplifted. We have personally recovered from debilitating injuries through cannabis so we know that health is possible and within everyone’s grasp. Our intention is that each mind-awakening plant will inspire people to feel better and think better.

Each seed offers the opportunity to find the next champion plant. Each seed is worth investigating to discover better varieties that may be beneficial to mankind. That’s why we can’t wait until these genetics prove themselves and are shown to the world, since there is no end to the benefits they provide.

Any grower who has seen the power of good genetics knows what is on the line. As growers and purveyors of fine cannabis, we hope to see all growers become cultivators of connoisseur cannabis so that one day, every human being will have access to these amazing powers.

Gage Green Group seeks to promote the cultivation of connoisseur cannabis for the benefit of mankind. Please visit us at or follow us at the GGG Forums, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.