probiotic & natural

dedicated to the most high

Gage brings passion, excitement, art and love into the world by cultivating boutique cannabis seeds. Our cannabis seeds are grown as nature intended; using only probiotic, natural, organic, & biological methods. We seek to preserve the ancestry of the herb and exotic landrace species through our compositions. Every unique cross embodies an unique contribution the whole landscape of Gage.

We harvest the finest seeds for patients and cultivators using strictly natural methods to maintain the purity of our medicine. An intuitive touch and a rigorous selection process defines the Gage Green Genetics breeding program. Our fine-tuned methods and craftsmanship design a level of cannabis which stimulates the palate and invigorates the soul.

May our gardens be blessed.

From the expansion of holistic medicine and holistic intentions, humanity will ascend to new heights.  Join the discovery into the realms of infinite glory and healing possibilities.