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Gage Green Genetics Win Back-To-Back Cannabis Cups – 2016

GAGE GREEN GENETICS have won back-to-back championships at the High Times Cannabis Cup events in 2016! First, a GAGE team member and tester, Mass Cannabis, entered his wine-flavored Grape Stomper OG into Southern California’s toughest category, the Indica Cup, only to come out at the very top!

A couple months later, Buds and Roses entered their CBD-dominant Breeder’s Stash selection that they called OMRITAxHASHPLANTxGRAPESTOMPER into the CBD category of the Colorado’s 420 Cannabis Cup and claimed the top price. Read More

Living Water: A New Perspective – Probiotics & Cannabis 2015

This article was not accepted by several publications for being unscientific.  This article is an insightful perspective into the holistic nature of water. This essay was written in November of 2012 and published for the first time in the first issue of Probiotics & Cannabis – April 2015.

Living Water: A New Perspective by Gage Green Group

“Nothing in the world is more yielding and softer than water.
Yet it wears down the hard and the strong.
And none can overcome it though anyone can conquer it.
That which is yielding conquers the strong and the soft overcomes that which is hard.
Everyone knows this but no one dares to live by it.” Lao Tzu Read More

Interview with Smokin’ Shannon – The Canna Chronicles 2012

We had a fun time answering these questions! This is a rare interview with the lovely Smokin’ Shannon of The Canna Chronicles in March of 2012.

When I sought to learn more about Gage Green Group, I came upon an open letter from the breeder, Keyplay, on their website ( “Greetings from Gage Green 2012” immediately let me know that these people had something unique about them. They were like-minded people who believed in what they were doing. They were seeking to make the world a better place through cannabis breeding. In a time when corporate greed and making a quick profit seems to have a hand in everything, Gage Green Group is in pursuit of a higher calling. Read More

Seeding the World – Releaf Magazine 2013

Our mission is to better the world by bettering ourselves. May it be so. The paper was originally written for ReLeaf Magazine in December of 2013.

Seeding the World by Gage Green Group

The life of a champion seed starts when a pairing between two plants has crystallized in our minds. Gage Green Group breeds with only the finest cannabis plants which have undergone rigorous selection in our lab. Our strict standards guarantee amazing results from seed.

Once the pollen from one of our prized males hits this pistil of a proven female, the magic begins. The genetic material of the male joins with female to create a seed that yearns to spread its eye-opening powers to the world. This seed is protected and pampered during the development period and the finest teas are administered to our voluptuous mothers as they nourish the babies. Read More

Connoisseur Cultivation – ReLeaf Magazine 2012

This is a beginners introduction to cultivating fine herb. The paper was written for ReLeaf Magazine in November of 2012.

Connoisseur Cultivation by Gage Green Group

                Some days, it seems like the cannabis market is flooded with the same old strains. Growers who are relying on purchasing unverified clones or germinating feminized seeds have seen a general shift towards lower quality medicine. The connoisseurs in today’s competitive environment know that the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to have the best quality bud. True boutique cultivators can get high price for their product because they focus on the genetics. Genetics are the key. The most gifted cultivators will dedicate a portion of their lives discovering the genetics that people will desire. Read More

Deepening Our Relationship with Cannabis – Treating Yourself 2013

It a pleasure to share this article of health. The paper was written exclusively for Treating Yourself Magazine in 2013


“Deepening Our Relationship with Cannabis” by Gage Green Group

Over the decades, from smuggling herbs to cultivating the finest genetics, Gage Green Group has always found a way to connect with cannabis at a deeper level. Living a cannabis-driven lifestyle has led us to new and insightful ways of understanding this sacred plant and how to harness its potential for the betterment of all.

Read More