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Gage Green Group Interview – Probiotics & Cannabis 2015

This rare interview with Keyplay and M4k was published in the Gage Green Group feature issue of Probiotics & Cannabis Magazine on August 2015.

Interview with Gage Green Group

Gage Green Group is all about healing cannabis. In the past they have made waves with their focus in breeding landrace crosses and clone-only genetics, developing notable strains through probiotic breeding. Today, they are known for breeding some of the strongest and most medicinal seeds in the industry. What makes their strains so magical? What is it about their philosophy that produces such elevating herb?.

We presented Gage Green Group a list of questions to explore the depths of their message. This is the response we received from Gage Green Group. Read More

Plant the Land x Gage Green Group (Interview) – 2015

This interview was printed in the Issue #6 of Plant the Land publication. We thank everyone at Plant the Land for giving us the opportunity to share our message.

Plant the Land x Gage Green Group (Interview)

PTL: So for those that might be new or unaware, who is Gage Green and how did the Group get formed in to what it is today?

GGG: Gage Green Group is a fresh seed company that builds success with the very finest genetics found anywhere in the world. Gage is the word for describing good intentioned, holistic herb. This dedication to the most high has transformed this seed company into a beacon of healing and innovation. We take a very unique approach to our work. Our group follows a progression towards good health and positivity in everything we do. Read More

Interview with Smokin’ Shannon – The Canna Chronicles 2012

We had a fun time answering these questions! This is a rare interview with the lovely Smokin’ Shannon of The Canna Chronicles in March of 2012.

When I sought to learn more about Gage Green Group, I came upon an open letter from the breeder, Keyplay, on their website ( “Greetings from Gage Green 2012” immediately let me know that these people had something unique about them. They were like-minded people who believed in what they were doing. They were seeking to make the world a better place through cannabis breeding. In a time when corporate greed and making a quick profit seems to have a hand in everything, Gage Green Group is in pursuit of a higher calling. Read More