Deepening Our Relationship with Cannabis – Treating Yourself 2013

It a pleasure to share this article of health. The paper was written exclusively for Treating Yourself Magazine in 2013


“Deepening Our Relationship with Cannabis” by Gage Green Group

Over the decades, from smuggling herbs to cultivating the finest genetics, Gage Green Group has always found a way to connect with cannabis at a deeper level. Living a cannabis-driven lifestyle has led us to new and insightful ways of understanding this sacred plant and how to harness its potential for the betterment of all.

At Gage Green Group, we get the best results when we cultivate cannabis as naturally as possible and connect with the plants on a spiritual basis. The incredible product, the flowers and medicine, is a direct result of what we give the plants. Everything we do as cannabis growers, from our emotions to our actions to our thoughts, will have an effect on the quality of the medicine.

Our holistic approach has helped us reevaluate how we treat our plants every day in the Gage Green Gardens. Our approach, which has always been to create an organically-driven environment, now includes a more positively-motivated and enlightened mindset. This is a process of constant discovery and self-improvement. Ultimately, we must pursue a perfectly harmonious relationship with cannabis and use cannabis to better the world around us. Although we at the Gage Green Group have been pursuing this goal for decades, we present our discoveries from the perspective of a student, or disciple, of cannabis.



The abundant knowledge that cannabis offers us will never cease to give. Every so often, life comes and teaches us a lesson. Imagine our surprise and dismay when, after several years of amazing harvests and yields, our entire garden began to show signs of malnutrition and severe distress. We replaced our bulbs, sterilized our rooms, and tried just about every method to turn things around. Nothing seemed to be working. While the plants were still growing and producing, the quality and vigor seemed to have vanished. With all the chaos that ensued, the garden grew worse and worse as our frustrations increased. We always thought that our problem could be fixed if we just thought hard enough and tinkered with all the variables. The fixes did not work, and several attempts at new grow systems and nutrient lines only ended up with unsatisfactory results.

The solution was out there, we were just approaching the situation incorrectly. We cannot only search within our own experience. There are so many factors to consider and it became apparent that we do not always see the whole picture. So instead of relying on our own expertise, we asked our higher power. We meditated and asked the plants to reveal to us what we needed to do. Finally, a few days later, a friendly neighbor happened to mention the fact that the water district had replaced the additive chlorine with the more aggressive chloramine. This turned out to be our problem. Was it random chance or was it spiritual intervention that our neighbor brought this message to us? We learned that the answer cannot always be found within ourselves and we will discover an answer if we ask and open our minds to receive it.

We later discovered that some of the additives in our district’s water supply cannot be filtered out by standard reverse osmosis water filters. Several localities have begun to use chloramine, a form of chlorine with ammonia attached to it. Unlike traditional chlorine, chloramine will not evaporate if left overnight and most standard reverse osmosis treatments will not properly remove the toxin.[i] Chloramine will kill all living microbes it comes in contact with. This is an important fact for anybody seeking to grow connoisseur cannabis which often depends on beneficial microbes in the soil for survival. Purchase the best reverse osmosis machine to purify your water and make sure it has the capabilities of removing all harmful chemicals.

Another added chemical in water, largely unnoticed by growers in US, Austrialia, and New Zealand, is fluoride, a neurotoxin. Standard reverse osmosis machines do not usually remove the fluoride from water. Fluoride has been shown to have devastating effects on livestock and plant life when introduced into the environment and can be hazardous to human health.[ii] [iii] Taking precautions to remove fluoride from the water supply will drastically improve the well-being of both the cannabis plants and the person using the medicine. The goal for a chemical free, organic environment is very difficult if you live in an urbanized setting and do not take extra precautions. With the right guidance and determination, this goal can be achieved.

This humbling experience with chloramine taught us more about ourselves and inspired us to learn more about this sacred plant. We understood that our relationship with cannabis was not just physical. We enriched our experience and took growing to new levels by communicating with our plants both spiritually and emotionally. Instead of viewing the relationship as a grower-plant relationship, we should view ourselves as students of nature and students of cannabis, willing to absorb new knowledge and to be guided by this transcendental herb.



Our focus has always been to replicate the advantages of nature. We have found that plants develop the best fruit and produce the best yields when it is allowed to grow free from unnatural stress. Part of this goal involves creating a living ecosystem within our soil the way nature intended. We use bacterial and fungal life forms to breakdown of nutrients, protect the root zone, and increase photosynthesis. These microbes have all sorts of benefits in nature and they play enormous roles in the natural biosphere.[iv] We receive extraordinary results from the microbiological and organic products available through our friends at Keep in mind that most municipal water will often contain toxic additives, like chloramine, that will not allow bio-culture to survive. Always keep the plants healthy with an organic, or veganic, feeding regimen and thriving soil life, because every substance exposed to the plants will end up in our bodies when we medicate.

We must be aware of what is entering our grow space and seek to eliminate anything that is potentially toxic. Since more and more scientific literature points out the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation from cellphones and wireless internet, we have immediately begun to eliminate their effects in our grow space. Studies have shown decreased reproductive functioning, lowered cognitive functioning in humans, and increased rates of cancer in animals exposed to radiation from cellphones and laptops.[v] Many of these studies report structural breaks in the genetic structures of DNA and mitochondria.[vi] As cannabis breeders who specialize in natural gene selection, this is a concern that we take very seriously. Our work requires plants that have high-performing genetics so that future generations of cannabis will stay healthy and vigorous. Radiation from cell towers and satellites are hard to avoid, but we will do whatever we can to prevent radiation exposure to our plants.

In addition to avoiding radiation, always invest in a high quality air filter when growing any environment. This is due to the dramatic increase in airborne aluminum and other toxic elements which are being detected in air and soil samples everywhere. This increased aluminum not only has dangerous effects for humans, but has been shown to choke the plants at the roots and prevent absorption of nutrients. As growers seeking a deeper connection with our plants, we seek to address all potential toxins in the environment and eliminate them. Each environmental stress that we eliminate will create huge improvements and increase the connection we have with our plants.



Growers who are in tune with their plants will often talk about being able to communicate with or feel the emotions of their plants. Our plants communicated with us to help resolve our chloramine problem. Whether we realize it or not, cannabis offers us provides happiness by our simply being in its presence. Countless studies have pointed us towards an understanding of this spiritual connection that people can have with their plant. Psychologists have found that plants and soil have a tremendous emotional impact on humans. Simply interacting or seeing a flower can create happiness and clear your mind. The countless combinations of aroma-producing terpenes made by cannabis can have therapeutic effects when released into the surrounding air. Working with soil can stimulate the production of serotonin in your brain. In fact, scientists have even discovered that the soil bacteria, Mycobacterium vaccae, improves mood and even relieves allergies in humans.[vii] That is one reason why we feel the most relaxed and happy when working in the gardens!

In the same way that plants make us happier, plants will perceive the emotions and intentions of those around them.[viii] We have all met different types of cannabis growers. You can usually see the similarities between the plants’ energy and the growers’ energy. Unhappy growers will not get good results despite addressing all the environmental factors. As students of this sacred plant, we must be aware of our own intentions and emotions at all times. Enlightened growers will make the most out of these interactions and strengthen their relationship with the plants. The difference in the final product between these two types of growers is night and day.

When we walk into a grow space to admire the progress of our plants, our thoughts and the emotions ill transfer into the energy that exists in the grow space. Before beginning to interact with the plants, always be in a positive state of mind. Visualize your plants growing strong and at their finest. Imagine your plants in the future, looking healthy and happy as you can possibly imagine in your mind. Thinking otherwise, and releasing negative emotions, can be detrimental to the plants. Our intentions impact our gardens significantly and simply thinking these thoughts around plants will affect the way they grow. [ix] Make a list of positive goals and intentions for your garden and focus on visualizing the amazing yields and desired quality. Another thing that we do is we speak directly to our plants. Plants crave attention and motivation much like humans. Saying uplifting and encouraging things will help your plant reach its full potential and the plants will react positively to you.



Learning to understand the many facets of cannabis and its effects will allow us to form a deeper relationship with the herb. Cannabis allows humans to access an elevated state of consciousness and this has many powerful implications. Cannabis allows us to open our eyes to the world around us, and helps us see clearly the foolishness of society.[x] It also helps us forget memories, an important skill in this information age, which scientists have proven to be just as crucial as remembrance![xi] Cannabis breaks down the false illusions that have been programmed into our brains since birth and opens our minds. These are very powerful tools that can be used to grow and heal or squandered and abused.

People must have the right intentions when using cannabis to reap its benefits. We waste the potential of this powerful tool when we only use it for partying or socializing. Recreational use is not wrong, but if our relationship with cannabis solely centers on entertainment, then we turn our backs to the potential that cannabis can have on improving our world. All of us have witnessed dear friends or acquaintances whose relationship with cannabis may have damaged their own lives. Some experts believe that long-term use of cannabis for the wrong reasons is what leads to paranoia and other negative effects that some users experience. [xii] When used correctly, cannabis can transport users to new conscious states that are beneficial our lives. These states of mind improve human health, increase mental processes, and enhance our spiritual energy. Gage Green Group recommends pursuing a deeper relationship with cannabis to expand our personal and collective human consciousness.

In order to have a deep spiritual connection with cannabis, call on cannabis as a guide and use it to open your mind to new ideas. With our minds open, we can accomplish anything. Meditation based upon cannabis can amplify its effects and allow us to explore the deepest and most hidden parts of our mind. Also, cannabis causes us to question long held beliefs and seek answers to things that might have been hidden behind closed door.[xiii]

New ideas and beliefs that are not constrained by society’s contradictions will reveal themselves to us. Cannabis eliminates the barriers created by negative framing and society’s illusions. Most of the thoughts that dominate our lives, like the desire to consume and want, have been cemented into our minds by corporations and advertising agencies. It is hard to let go of these undesired thoughts or barriers without the right tools. Cannabis, along with the right kind of intention, allows us to operate beyond these illusions.

We remind ourselves each time before we smoke that our purpose for using cannabis is to open our minds and seek greater knowledge and spiritual advancement. This helps us gain deeper benefits from using the medicine. Once we become in tune with cannabis on a spiritual level, we can learn to channel this energy anywhere in our being. It can heal wounds and make us better people. A short break of three to five days from using cannabis will amplify the experience considerably. In fact, breaks between sessions allow our body adequate time to regain its normal capacity which is essential to fully experience cannabis. We encourage readers to find out more about the meditative use of this sacred herb, especially through the work presented by the World Mind Society.[xiv] Using cannabis correctly, for meditation and for self-discovery, can improve all human life and provide the mindset for a more harmonious world.

With this knowledge, let us come together to promote this deeper, spiritual connection with cannabis. In its pure form, cannabis has so much more to offer humanity, yet, so many of us have introduced chemicals into its environment and squandered its potential to make us better people. This herb has the potential to take humanity to new levels of consciousness where open minds work together to solve problems and create a society of harmony and charity. We invite you to join us, harness this energy, and transform our world.



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