Free the Mind Body & Soul – Probiotics & Cannabis 2015

In the GAGE GREEN GROUP feature issue of Probiotics & Cannabis Magazine, we share our deepest thoughts and feelings about cannabis and the healing journey. The paper was finished in July 2015 and published in the fourth issue of Probiotics & Cannabis – August 2015.

Free the Mind Body & Soul by Gage Green Group

We observe that the modern human being is currently living below potential. Blindfolds and filters prevent people from seeing all the blessings and life that exist around us. Physical and mental ailments stop us from experiencing heaven on earth. Most of the population is too caught up in capitalism and academia to notice the need for self-healing and mindfulness.

With a holistic perspective, we will know how to reinvigorate and restore the life within the mind, body, and soul. The solution to all our problems will be discovered by reconnecting with our true nature. By seeking a future where all blessed things flow, we can overcome all barriers!

Dis-ease starts when we lose balance and harmony within ourselves. Some people focus so much on mental capacities and emotional experiences that they forget about their bodies or their spirits. Further division may occur when the body or mind aligns itself with sides, left or right, rather than the whole. This extends from the physics within the body to politics within the mind. Without a holistic or balanced perspective, one cannot think straight.

The mind is directly tied to the body. People that are angry carry more tension in their stance and a frown on their face. Frightened people hunch their shoulders and seem to gasp for air. Self-centered or egotistical people tend to stick their chests out. When we have stressful thoughts or emotions travel through our brain, they cannot help but manifest in different shapes throughout the body. Defeatist thoughts, like greed or guilt, will result in measurable damage to the body’s immune system as well. The inability for humans to live at ease in the world and to let go of tension creates shifts and distortions in the mind body. Bad thoughts, which lead to bad postures and bad circulation, will eventually create long-lasting changes in the entire human system. This is an example of how dis-ease manifests when the mind and body are not in harmony.

In much the same way, our mind and bodies are tied directly with our spirit or soul. When we practice naturalness, meditate, and follow our instincts, we increase our intuition and blessings begin to flow. Through healing practices like sacred dancing, kundalini yoga, internal martial arts, or tai chi, the body and mind are trained to act in harmony with each other. When we eat well and cultivate our energies, we fuel our entire essence. These practices create inner peace, alleviate tensions within, and allow the spine to find balance once again. A balanced spine allows our chi to circulate fully again, which increases our potency and our potential. This directly correlates to attaining natural states of higher consciousness.

Through testimonies and experience, we know that the infinite and divine state associated with psychedelic drugs like mushrooms or DMT, shamanism, and near-death experiences, are expressions of a higher human consciousness which we can all tap into. In fact, we were meant to be at these states all the time.

These higher states of consciousness allow humans to reach communion with the divine. When we are at our most high state, the entire mind body and soul is in balance and the left and right hemispheres of the brain are synchronized. No pain or bad thought can manifest at such state. The pineal gland, which sits at the middle of the mind, is in complete balance and will secrete the juices necessary for us to see the world without filters.

This experience is referred to as enlightenment. It may also be referred to as Christ-consciousness. It is the full potential of every human being to meditate, to heal, and discover all the answers in the universe. At this level of the mind, the human possesses powers which can bring blessings into reality. The world is fully alive and all questions are answered. The highest purpose in life is to develop the mind, body and soul capacity to attain these divine states at will.

Essentially, everything healthy and fun, like herb, meditation, dance, and breath, helps us become better and more beautiful every day. These practices keep us young forever. Our ability to feel, to create, and to love grows greater each and every day when we dedicate our lives to holistic endeavors. What is holistic is also holy, for it benefits All. This is why we say, FREE the FROST, FREE the MIND. Essentially, our greatest wish is to FREE the MIND, BODY, and SOUL so that All can experience heaven here on earth.