Gage Green Group Interview – Probiotics & Cannabis 2015

This rare interview with Keyplay and M4k was published in the Gage Green Group feature issue of Probiotics & Cannabis Magazine on August 2015.

Interview with Gage Green Group

Gage Green Group is all about healing cannabis. In the past they have made waves with their focus in breeding landrace crosses and clone-only genetics, developing notable strains through probiotic breeding. Today, they are known for breeding some of the strongest and most medicinal seeds in the industry. What makes their strains so magical? What is it about their philosophy that produces such elevating herb?.

We presented Gage Green Group a list of questions to explore the depths of their message. This is the response we received from Gage Green Group.

Q: It is a pleasure to interview the Gage Green Group and thank you for allowing us to ask you these questions. Please, start of by introducing yourselves and tell us what Gage Green Group represents.

A: Greetings, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to answer these beautiful questions. This response is a combined effort of Keyplay and M4k.

We are a collective of farmers, gardeners, architects, artists, musicians, and dancers seeking to represent the herb and its miracles to the fullest. Gage Green Group, essentially, is a cumulative effort of the finest men and women in the field of cannabis. By working together on a common goal, we have discovered endless wonders surrounding this beautiful herb.

Because we have personally experienced an immeasurable amount of healing and reversal of our own dis-eases, our focus is on promoting the truth behind cannabis. It really heals and it really saves people. We have experienced increase mental clarity, in both intelligence and creativity. We have developed the ability to alleviate life-long pains and stress within the body forever. The truth is that cannabis can bring youth and health back to our world. We will continue to stand behind the herb which has brought us so many gifts.

Q: What would Gage Green Group like to tell the world?

A: Every day, we look for ways to teach people about the truths pertaining to cannabis and life in general. We wish to remind people to spend their times doing healthier and more productive things. We wish to see more people actively pursuing their highest goals and desires. We know that every individual is beautiful and has something to offer this world. We wish to light that spark in every individual.

Both our healing journey and our gardening experience, tells us that any organism can change from sickly to healthy just with a few changes in the diet and the environment. Through the use of fermentations and good nutrition, we have seen miracles occur. This is why we wish to present knowledge and artwork which inspires health and makes humanity whole again. Because we know it is possible to live in a more positive state. When we raise our awareness through cannabis and meditation, we discover a world of infinite potential. All things are possible.

Q: What makes Gage Green Group different from other cannabis outfits?

A: A few things make Gage Green Group unique. First, we are a group of intellectual thinkers and creative artists. The breeders and growers, which come from all different disciplines, have combined their extensive backgrounds and artistic expression to create what is now Gage Green Group. We are dreamers that envision the holistic experience here on Earth. Manifesting a global awakening and heaven on Earth is what defines us.

Second, our process separates us from our peers. While our process makes our products unique, we openly share our methods and encourage others to adopt the highest standards possible. Our team explores permaculture methods and seeks sustainable methods of farming. Everything we do is backed by positive intent.

Q: Tell us about some interesting up-coming projects.

A: Soon, we will establish a healing center founded upon sustainability and community. Teachers and healers from all over the world will be invited to speak and perform miracles. The center will share holistic perspectives and become a beacon of love within our communities.

In terms of breeding, we are breeding along a few different threads. One of our main focuses is on developing the Breath line to offer more consistency and stability. We are currently testing a Mendo Breath and a Grateful Breath male for future pairings. We are excited to incorporate the original Cherry Pie Kush into the lineup as well.

We are diving into genetics like Mindscape and Grape Stomper for pheno selection. The time has come for some of the classic varieties to appear again. We are going through several rooms of old school Underdawg crossed with the ECSD HP-13 to select kush-dominant hashplant males. Exotic selections from the Diamonds & Dust, Durgan Chitral/Inferno Haze, and Willie Nelson landrace lines have also begun.

Growing more healing cannabis is always on our mind. Be on the lookout for probiotic herbs from our gardens!

Q: How does Gage Green Group use probiotics in the garden?

A: We use probiotics in the garden at every step of the way. Instead of using pesticides or fungicides, we use probiotics to keep pests and pathogens at bay. From our babies to our flowers, we treat every plant with foliar sprays and root drenches of the finest fermentations. We apply mostly anaerobic brews to our plants to ensure healthy uptake of nutrients to our plants. Since we have begun using probiotics, diseases like bud rot and powdery mildew have vanished. We have cleaner and more potent herbs which also have increased flavors and smells.

We promote probiotic farming through Gage Green Group because we wish to promote all aspects of sustainability. The only worthwhile projects are ones that are beneficial for the planet. We hope to instill this value and this perspective towards everything we do.

Q: Can you please tell us what the difference is between probiotic farming and chemical farming? What is the difference in the final product?

A: Probiotic farming incorporates all the beneficial aspects of nature into the farming method. This means that everything works harmoniously with itself. All inputs can be found in nature and no waste is produced. Chemical farming bypasses the life cycle within the soil. The nutrients take the place of the probiotic system and force the plant to uptake chemical versions of natural foods. While chemical plants may look good, they are actually struggling to express themselves. To us, a chemically farmed plant is not medicine. It will not create the balance within the spine that probiotic and natural cannabis will.

We simply avoid smoking unnatural cannabis because it does not satisfy. Probiotic herb is expansive and smooth. The flavor is rich and the high is long lasting. We do not find sedative effects with our probiotic herb. In fact, our mental thought processes become clearer and our energy level rises. We believe that through growing the finest herbs, we can reach full human potential. Our ultimate desire is to protect the soul of the plant by offering medicine that is honorable to the most high, which is you.

Q: What are some of the ways Gage Green Group gives back to the community?

A: Our main way of giving back to the community is by using our marketing as a method of bringing truth and blessings to others. Besides sharing information about probiotic farming, we give back by emphasizing the healing aspects of cannabis.

We have compiled a comprehensive knowledge bank of techniques which can help anyone seeking improvement. For example, we possess and share techniques which incorporate dance, yoga, and tai-chi; which we write articles about and promote in everything we do. These are all forms of healing art that we share freely with the world.

Our intention is to create an organization that stands up for our plant, our planet and our people. We know that life is short and every moment matters. Since that time, the universe has allowed us to use our talents and our knowledge for the benefit of our friends and family.

Q: Any closing comments?

A: We are thankful for this platform and the chance to share a little about what we are currently up to. Gage Green Group is more than any one of us, or any one project. Gage, the pinnacle of cannabis, is something we strive to live up to every day.

It is truly a blessing to be gifted these beautiful methods that we can share with friends and family. Every human being deserves to live with ease. We know it is possible! We all deserve the best this world has to offer and it is possible through the development of higher consciousness and new awareness. If we all adopt a more holistic perspective towards life, we may be able to one day release all the barriers and tensions which keep us from reaching our full potential. We dedicate this to All.