One of the most versatile plants on the planet – cannabis. The herb benefits humanity in so many ways. By reconnecting with nature, humanity will regain potency and health. With a desire for healing, let our actions will align with truth and humanity will once again become caretakers of the land.

On the Silk Road, traders traded hashish as currency. Archaeologists have linked cannabis with every civilization on the Earth. To lift up the current state of the world, people must be free on this planet.

Hemp will soon replace all polluting and harmful industries. All fear and greed-based entities will fall as humanity rises up for truth and love.

May the truth set you free.


When the mind is in meditation, the body heals. Meditate on health. Visualize wholeness and balance. Speak of wellness and happiness for all kind. The herb amplifies consciousness, so be careful what the mind meditates upon. A healthy mind is a healthy body.

Let go of tension and the desire to control. Move with the guidance of the sacred herb. When we trust in the divine and become one with nature, miracles happen.

The gift of healing Gage is breath-giving and life-enhancing. Every human being deserves to heal. By releasing tension and stress within the human mind and body, our communities will revitalize and discover creative and positive ways to better our world.

Relax and let the breath flow through.

Not all cannabis is Gage. In fact, only the purest, honest herbs will truly bring true rejuvenation. The majority of commercial herbs grown have lost their natural essence. By harmonizing with nature and studying the effects of bio-mimicry, we cultivate meditation which penetrates the subtle layers of the body and heals from within.

Study nature. New perspectives and awareness leads to better outcomes. Everything in nature and in life is connected. By understanding and living within the flow, we can live in symbiosis with our environment.Love your mother! Learn to take good care of her.

Know that the herb was grown in a beneficial manner.

The mind directs the healing of the herb. Let the mind be assured of its ability to heal.

Herb heals the mind. Herb heals the body. Countless survivors can attest to this truth.

When proper meditation and living choices are taken, only health can manifest. Holistic health means looking at the whole picture. Nothing can be left out in the desire for renewed health.

Be confident in the power of the herb and reach for your full potency.

Meditation is a two way street. Partake in the herb and respect the sacrament. Love one another, and especially, love one self.

Focus on truth and love. True dedication to what is whole and balanced will manifest blessings.

Combine the power of the mind with the power of the herb. When we are at our most high frequency, let us honor our meditation. Every breath and every thought is a blessing.

Our thoughts become our reality. Meditate on beauty.