Internal Balance – Probiotics & Cannabis 2015

The Internal Balance article describes the fundamental awareness we have gained through striving for balance. The knowledge in this article has helped us regain our youthfulness and the inner smile. This article was written on June 2015 and published in Probiotics & Cannabis – June 2015.

Internal Balance by Gage Green Group

What is Balance?

Balance is the magic that occurs when opposite forces come together to manifest a common purpose. The day turns to night. Summer turns to winter. Each season and each polarity, like left right or male female, exists to balance and create harmony with its polar opposite. Without this interaction, all would perish. All nature around us exists due the eternal dance between opposing forces. This is the concept of balance.

When we apply these concepts to our consciousness, our bodies, our environment, and our medicine, we unlock new possibilities of dealing with stress and tension. Becoming a master of achieving internal balance is crucial to human health.

In this article, we will explore the concepts of balance and how it applies to cannabis. Ultimately, we will be exploring methods for mastering internal balance, which is a crucial driver of human health.

In traditional medicine, a balanced spine is conducive towards longevity and a strong life force.

Unfortunately, many in our communities prefer division and chaos. Many have chosen to identify with one side of the brain, politics, gender, or race, without contemplating the whole. The inability to harmonize with other humans and other perspectives is a product of this divide.

Imbalance in any part of our mind will lead to imbalance in the body. Our mental perspective dictates the immunology, the physiology and, ultimately, the shape of our body. To put this simply: if our thoughts are diseased, so too will our body.

A balanced human, living free of tense and imbalanced thoughts, has a balanced spine and the better functioning mind. So a balanced body also leads to a balanced mind! When the organs are all in their correct spot, and no undue stress is placed in any part of the body, health is easily achieved. Our emotions and logical thoughts harmonize when we strive for mind body balance.

What makes us imbalanced?

Lots of other things can cause imbalance in the mind body. Some sources of imbalance in the mind body come from toxic chemicals, unnatural postures, restrictive clothing, cushions and mattresses, conventional education, self-deprecating thoughts, sugar-based diets, and much more. While many have not begun to notice it, another source of imbalance in our society is unbeneficial cannabis.

Improper consumption of poorly grown cannabis is a major source of imbalance in our community. Many imbalanced cannabis farmers only take from the Earth but never give back. So their weed is full of toxic energies and poisons. In fact, at one point in my life, when I was younger, a holistic practitioner asked why my face was so crooked. At the same time, I was experiencing twists and misplaced discs in my spine and my overall health declining rapidly. I looked around and noticed that many of my pot-smoking friends were also experiencing severe back problems and had very imbalanced faces. One side of the face was always tight and pulled back.

Bad cannabis creates imbalance in humans. The toxins and unnatural components found in synthetic bud are inhaled and close off breath channels which weakens the body. It turns out, I simply needed to find balanced herb grown by balanced people.

Soon, I began to growing probiotic cannabis myself. I immediately realized that naturally grown cannabis would not create weird pressures in my head. I felt a balanced relaxation travel down my spine. The breaths of herb were smooth and the channels in my body opened up rather than constricted. I began to see how important good herb was to a balanced lifestyle.

How to master the mind body

Our intake of healthy cannabis should also be balanced. For example, sometimes, decreasing our cannabis intake can help the body regain its ability to metabolize cannabinoids more effectively. On the flip side, attaining full health is quite impossible when a human body is deficient in cannabinoids. This is another example of two opposing concepts, “using cannabis” and “not using cannabis”, coming together in balance.

Developing insights and enhanced awareness through meditation is the best way to master the mind body. We ought to feel what is beneficial and what is not. When we become more aware of our emotions and how we react to situations, we can remove stress from our lives.

Meditation is not merely a sitting or closed-eye exercise. We incorporate everyday movement and thought into our meditative practice. Since being high on cannabis is a form of meditation itself, we must be aware of how we move and what we think on cannabis. How we view the world and how we view ourselves can have a tremendous effect on how we tension is carried within our body’s framework.

To master the body, we must utilize opposing forces within our body for healing. Imagine all fibers and ligaments in the body working in unison. All pressures in the body ought to be balanced along the two sides of the spine. Some of us are used to keeping most of our muscles relaxed. Others of us are used to keeping most our muscles tight or contracted. Learn to expand, relax, and contract every part of the body.

The key of internal healing is to use opposing forces for attaining balance within the body. By learning to tighten weak areas, and by learning to loosen tense areas, we can restore natural function. It is possible to modify the shape of one’s bodily structure through this type of moving meditation. Life-times of blockages can be released through this meditative dance. Ultimately, balance is restored.

When all tensions and blockages are released, and all weaknesses are restored, the body naturally heals itself. The spine will fall into place effortlessly. The face will become more relaxed and natural beauty will be restored. Metabolism and immunity will also begin to approach full potential. As we move towards higher states of consciousness and awareness, let us seek balance and symmetry in our thoughts and actions. Let us strive towards harmony and symbiosis with all kind.