Living Water: A New Perspective – Probiotics & Cannabis 2015

This article was not accepted by several publications for being unscientific.  This article is an insightful perspective into the holistic nature of water. This essay was written in November of 2012 and published for the first time in the first issue of Probiotics & Cannabis – April 2015.

Living Water: A New Perspective by Gage Green Group

“Nothing in the world is more yielding and softer than water.
Yet it wears down the hard and the strong.
And none can overcome it though anyone can conquer it.
That which is yielding conquers the strong and the soft overcomes that which is hard.
Everyone knows this but no one dares to live by it.” Lao Tzu

            All growers know that success relies heavily on having access to good water. Water is very important to just about every aspect of our lives. The human body comprises of up to ninety percent water and plant life comprises of up to seventy five percent water. Human civilization began around water. Just look at how much life relies on water in nature! Even the canyons and valleys were carved out by water. Simply put, life and the natural world would not exist on earth without water.

            Considering that the supply of water is a finite and limited resource that all of nature relies on for life, our behavior and attitude towards water needs improvement. In many places, pollutants and industrial by-products are disposed carelessly into rivers and oceans. Once dumped, these poisons will seep into our soil and drinking water. The chemically treated tap water is available with a twist of the faucet, thus, creating a society that does not value water. The time has arrived to take another look at this vital substance.

            Water has become the central part of our life here at the Gage Green Group. As growers of our own food and medicine, we are very conscious of how water relates to every part of our lives. Its properties are so vast and mysterious that most scholars will admit that our collective knowledge of water is only the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately, we want to restore nature in our garden. Everything we do at Gage Green Group revolves around creating an environment for plants that mimics nature. Our experience has told us that nature does things better than humans do.

From filtering water to revitalizing water, we have implemented various teachings and techniques to improve the quality of our water. We first began to focus on water because of the effects chloramine had on our plants. As soon as our municipality started adding the chemical chloramine, a form of chlorine that does not evaporate from water, we noticed the damaging effects of the chemical on our garden. The plants suffered and our beneficial microbes could not thrive in this toxic environment. Watch out for chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride. These added chemicals harm both animal and plant life and should be kept out of any garden.

            Because we care about what we put into our bodies and feed to our plants, our search first led us to investigate filtering out these chemicals. Many reverse osmosis filters will not properly remove chloramine or fluoride. Most home drinking water and grow room filters do not work either. Home owners can install an efficient whole house filter to remove chloramine and fluoride for around $1000. Make sure to find out if the filter actually removes these dangerous chemicals. These filters should take everything out of your water and leave you with sterile, toxin free water.

            The process of removing poisons and chemicals from the water can be a double-edged sword. These elaborate filtration systems will affect the state of water and remove some of the beneficial attributes of water that are useful to all living things. Our research has led us to Viktor Schauberger, a pioneer in water revitalization. This scientist believed that water contained life-giving energies that interacted with the outside world in many complex ways. Depending on how it was treated and processed, water can have a tremendous effect on plants and animals.

            Viktor Schauberger pioneered the understanding of implosions and water vortices in nature. He combined his engineering background with his passion for observing nature. Raised in a family of conservationists, Viktor was exposed to nature at a young age. His mistrust in textbook education made sure that his research was not limited by the nuances of western science. He would have meditations in the wilderness and spend long hours observing the movement of water. These observations led him to research implosions, the natural inward-spiraling motion that creates vortex movement in water. The unique energy created by this motion inspired his work the most.

            Vorticies give water energy and life. Just stepping into nature, we can observe water’s behavior in so many settings. After a long journey falling out of the sky, melting from ice, then seeping through myriads of crystals and filtering through layers upon layers of permeable volcanic rock, water has a newfound taste and glow. This natural water, which gives vibrancy to all of nature, settles into rivers, lakes, and even natural springs. Along the way it will pick up minerals and oxygen while absorbing energy from the pattern of its movement. The vortex in water is created by the implosion of water energizing the water molecules. Centripetal forces cause the inward spiraling of the water, the same forces that create eddies and whirlpools. As the water enters the eye of the vortex where implosion increases, the water actually cools down. As the water exits the vortex, heat is created as the molecules repel one another. Tornadoes and hurricanes generate massive amounts of power through this process. The vortex creates less surface tension and infuses dissolved oxygen in the water. That is nature’s magic at work. Schauberger realized that these natural vortices improved the life-giving aspects of water tremendously.

In the high mountains of Roraima, Venezuela, indigenous peoples who have been blessed with the gift of natural water live long and happy lives. It is said that the many springs and waterfalls in Roraima contain the most active water in the world; thousands of times more energy than tap water. The people in Roraima do not have access to modern technology or medicine, yet they are healthy. Contrast this with the water systems in the developed parts of the world. Our pipe-centric systems not only use chemicals but they are also subjected to high heat, pressurized through rigid piping, and subjected to days of stagnant motion; none of which occur in nature. The water companies provide a much needed research, but we lose the powers contained in living water.

Since this discovery, our group has begun to test and apply these concepts to revitalize the water we use in the garden. We purchased a vortex tea brewer as well as a vortex water revitalizer. Both of these products focus on creating an inward spiraling movement of the water replicating the implosion that occurs in nature. Right after we used the water revitalizer, we noticed that all the plants that were given revitalized water greened up the next day, showing noticeable improvements over the plants given un-revitalized water. The leaves were noticeably greener and we witnessed more new growth. In another experiment, the sections given revitalized microbes showed significant improvements over non revitalized microbes. The plants that received revitalized microbes have more flower sites, firmer stalks, and higher resin production. The difference really shows just how powerful this additional process can be.

In addition to adding vortex technology into our water, our research also caused us to stumble upon the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. Emoto found that water has memory. Considerable differences exist between water that had good words spoken and thoughts expressed towards it compared to the water that received only negative words and thoughts. We have always known that positive thoughts and intentions in the garden have a significant effect towards plant health and growth. When looking at Dr. Emoto’s experiments, it’s easy to make a connection between how we treat our plants and how we treat our water. Since plants are comprised of seventy-five percent water, essentially, they are one and the same. We bless the water that enters our gardens with positive thoughts just as we do our plants every day.

It is clear that our water contains a host of added chemicals. Water treatment facilities do not produce the best water for growing or drinking. In order to really provide for our plants, we need to ensure that all steps are taken to renew our water. We treat all plants in our garden like our children not only giving them good food and clean revitalized water, but we also providing them with lots of positivity. These new approaches to water have revealed a whole new side of growing that has tremendous benefits for growers. We can take this lesson and apply it to everything, from growing to living. As the world faces more uncertainty and challenges, we should seek a return to what is natural and harness its powers for good work. With the right intentions and an open mind, we can take our world to new heights.

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