Plant the Land x Gage Green Group (Interview) – 2015

This interview was printed in the Issue #6 of Plant the Land publication. We thank everyone at Plant the Land for giving us the opportunity to share our message.

Plant the Land x Gage Green Group (Interview)

PTL: So for those that might be new or unaware, who is Gage Green and how did the Group get formed in to what it is today?

GGG: Gage Green Group is a fresh seed company that builds success with the very finest genetics found anywhere in the world. Gage is the word for describing good intentioned, holistic herb. This dedication to the most high has transformed this seed company into a beacon of healing and innovation. We take a very unique approach to our work. Our group follows a progression towards good health and positivity in everything we do.

Our seed company began officially in 2010. We started as a distribution network for genetics throughout California. Shortly afterwards, we simplified and put all of our energy into full time breeding. This decision was based on a desire for real quality. We wished to spread total success for patients who wanted to grow from seed.

PTL: Any Gage fan knows your Joseph OG is a stud and used frequently in your breeding program, what’s the story behind the Jo?

GGG: Joseph was a male we discovered from a seeded plant, which goes by many names: the Underdawg/ Underdog OG, Candy Kush, Original Headband, and the New York OG. We received the cut from Loompa through a trade in 2011. She was labeled Loompa’s Headband. Our male selection, Joseph, has excelled and delivered in many fronts. Destiny brought us to the Joseph and we knew his attributes were strong with a potential to change the rules of the game.

PTL: The small circle of friends I have love the Mendo and the Stomper varieties Gage has created over the years, especially the “puff” line and the few montage crosses out there. Are there any future plans for these specimens to be re-released or “re-incarnated”?

GGG: Yes, there are many plans for these lovely plants. Stomper genetics and Mendo genetics will be hitting the scene later this year! We will be bringing back the Joseph for future “Puff” series. Our goal is that everyone can live the Gage experience in their gardens.

PTL: For a number of beneficial reasons, Gage Green only practices natural breeding techniques and promotes symbiotic gardening in general, do you believe the explosion of TLO/Probiotic gardening will make hydroponic, bottle-fed gardening a thing of the past?

GGG: There are too many people who grow with bottles and who are happy with their mineral formats to even notice the goodness organic and probiotic growing provides. The complete replacement of mineral products may take some time, but through education, everyone will soon know about the truth about holistic healing.

It is simply impossible to justify the use of unnatural substances. Soon, we will find that long-term damage associated with cannabis is only associated with unnaturally grown cannabis. Once the public becomes aware of what most commercial gardeners are putting in their plants, they may begin to care. Cannabis grown with bad methods is a huge detriment to our society.

PTL: And finally, for all of the growers out there who eagerly wait for the next, limited line of Gage Green Genetics, what can they expect from the Group in 2015?

GGG: Gage Green Group does not stop. This past winter has been a tremendous breeding period for us. We have selected some extraordinary heirloom clones which have become fully oriented into the Gage gardens. We have focused on finding incredible males which will introduce flavor, and color, into our lineup. We crossed Mendo Purps, Mendodawg, Blackberry Widow, Purple Mandala and Oaktree with our best heirlooms genetics. Many blessed purple crosses await. We will be sharing our purely healing and meditative seeds for those who love nature. Together we can manifest the infinite nature of cannabis.

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