5 – 2017



[ Colorado Bubba x Grateful Breath ]

Those with pure intent will return to Agharta. The Garden of Eden. Shamballa. Mt Meru.

From the gardens of Colorado, we inherited the incredibly terpy Colorado Bubba, classic Northern Lights terpenes with deep gas from the 92 OG. Agharta offers a unique mix of forest, raspberries and fuel. The flavors coat the palate. Grateful Breath lends density, yield and potency. Every flower is a wonder to behold. May we enter into higher realms.

7 – 8 WEEKS




[ Grateful Breath Hand x Mendodawg ]

Let the aromas elevate you to new realms. Bathe in fragrances gathered from the farthest reaches of the world. The Ambrosia soothes and satisfies the soul.

The Grateful Breath H brings explosive gas to every seed. This comes from her Underdawg and OGKB ancestors. The Mendodawg imparts a sour apple and Pure Kush nose. Together the Ambrosia offers rock hard flowers with limitless resin production.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Cherry Pie Kush x Mendodawg ]

Aymi is a beloved rendition of two of our favorite plants, both originating from Mendocino, CA. The Cherry Pie Kush, bred by George of Mendocino, brings gas, mint chocolate chip and cookie batter as the predecessor to the Girl Scout Cookies.

The Mendodawg is a cross of Mendo Queen and Daybreaker. The Mendo Queen comes from the Mendo Purps x Crystal Locomotive. Mendo Purps and Crystal Locomotive were inherited through Jojorizo (RIP), a gifted mentor and friend. Aymi combines the best of these California Bay Area legends into a priceless masterpiece.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Foo Fighter x Grateful Breath ]

Bhū depicts the Earth. Passed down through the ancients, the seven earthly planes and seven oceans, together, form the Bhū-Mandala or the physical world.

We selected our champion Foo Fighter on the hillsides of Mendocino, California. Germinated and selected in full sun, the Foo Fighter produces gemstones. Bhū shows impressive vegetative vigor, rock solid flowers, and covered in grease with a crème brûlée. This cross brings together two original parents from the Gage Green Gardens.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Crimson Crush x Amethyst ]

A gem fit for the Divine. The Cardinal shines with resplendent rays from heaven. The soothing vibrations usher in vision of glory. Cardinal – dedicated to the Most High.

We selected the Crimson Crush and Amethyst in sunlight. Both Crimson Crush and Amethyst are original selections. The Crimson Crush leaves a touch of astringent lemon mixed with berry essences. The deep purple fuel of the Amethyst will balance the fruity high notes. Every phenotype is a gem worthy of divinity.

7 – 8 WEEKS



Dog Party

[ Skywalker OG x Mendodawg ]

Dog. Our friend. We thank all the dogs that have shown us a never-ending fountain of loyalty and love. We are forever grateful. Let this be a party to all dog friends and family.

The Skywalker OG is a gorgeous Kush with distinct calyxes resembling icy peaks and the stench of pine trees, and rubber sneakers alight with gas. A potent flower. What an exceptional combination with sour apple and kush. The Dog Party is one to remember.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Grateful Glue

[ Glue x Grateful Breath ]

Gratitude is the Most High frequency. We give thanks to those who support and walk with us in this journey. Our desire is to see all of humanity at full potency.

The Glue, a legendary mother in our library, is a powerhouse in the garden. Combined with the strength and vigor of the Grateful Breath, Solomon, Grateful Glue produces champions. Every seed contains greasy, sticky flowers glazed in frost. Fill the mind with the utmost healing. Discover selections fit for divinity.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Lady Daze

[ Colorado Bubba x Mendodawg ]

If I’m going to sing like someone else, then I don’t need to sing at all. – Billie Holiday. An innovator, a genius in the world of jazz. An inspirational singer and artist; ahead of her time.

Lady Daze combines class with romance. Aromatic essences that soothe the mind body and soul. Discover a combination of sweet Bubba funk and Kush breath. Satin purple flowers and mind lifting highs. The Lady Daze is sure to impress.

7 – 8 WEEKS



Last Tango

[ Underdawg/Daybreaker x Mendo Montage ]

Dance the night away with the dynamic sensations of the Last Tango. Every flower unleashes, within the mind, new worlds of mystical aromas.

With flavors that strum the soul, Last Tango unites two legendary dancers. Sour menthol gas combined with lavender incense. Both potent parents contribute to strong physical relaxation and creative effects. Gardens will be filled with stunning flowers radiating pink and purple.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Mendo Breath F3 vM

Part two of our 3rd Filial Generation project with the Mendo Breath. This unique cross combining OGKB with the Mendo Montage has captivated gardeners and herbalists around the world.

We explore the progeny of the Variation M selection from the 2nd Filial Generation projects. The Variation M displays normal vegetative growth while retaining the rock hard calyx formations of the OGKB. Expect healthy and vigorous growth characteristics with an easy germination. Flavors from this variation will surely please. The combination of citrus, grapes, pine and earth brings ultimate potency and relief.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Out of Body Experience

[ Skywalker OG x Grateful Breath ]

An OBE or Out of Body Experience takes our consciousness beyond the physical realm. The conscious expansion of the mind is the basis for spiritual awakenings and psychedelic revelations. By seeing beyond the veil, we discover the inner-workings of the Most High.

The Out of Body Experience is a combination of two potent parents. The Skywalker OG possesses a caramelized vanillin that creates whole-body relaxation and self-awareness. Grateful Breath contains explosive potency and frost. The OBE yields large stacked flowers exuding silky resin and good vibrations.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Passion Flower

[ Grape Stomper x Cherry Puff ]

The Passion Flower ignites the blaze within. Let each breath be a reminder of human potency. The ability to overcome and rise above.

A combination of two outstanding Gage Green Genetics creations – the Grape Stomper meets the Cherry Puff. Our 30% grape mother is now strengthened with menthol cherries & diesel. Every seed contains infinite possibilities. Adorn the Passion Flower. The future of cannabis awaits.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Grateful Breath Hand x PEGSAWW ]

PEGASUS brings potent frequencies from the heavenly abodes. The winged stallion of antiquity carries lightning bolts for Zeus. PEGASUS inspires majesty and potency.

Explore the fruit and floral essences of the Purple Elephant x Grape Stomper / Aloha White Widow (Genetics dedicated to our mentor – Jojorizo R.I.P.) blended with the heavy-hitting diesel, OGKB funk of the Grateful Breath. Every seed contains the possibility of majestic flowers.

8 – 9 WEEKS




The Pilgrimage to the lost paradise. The location of the Holy Grail. A Pilgrimage set forth by the greatest explorers and adventurers has awoken. The journey to the Holy Grail awaits those of pure intent.

The Paris OG is OG Kush, renamed over the years. She breeds grease and pine-gas terpenes and provides champion potency. The Grateful Breath adds dough and purple color to the mix. Density and yields are improved with the addition of our true stud, selected over several years.  Join our journey to infinite potency.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Shadows and Light

[ Ghost OG x Mendodawg ]

Shadows and Light create the contrast in this beautiful world we live in. The shadows themselves need light to exist.

Shadows and Light brings potency, vigor and yield to the garden. The Ghost OG is our most vigorous lady when combined with the Mendodawg, expect to find a rich sour apple funk and skunky gas in the mix. Expect good yields and potent heavy flowers to fuel the inner fire.

7 – 8 WEEKS




[ Tahoe Hybrid x Grateful Breath ]

Appreciate a whole new perspective on life! The Vista opens us up to new insights and outlooks. Splendor and wholeness awaits those who have the eye to see.

Combining two favorites from our library, the Vista grows with vigor and majesty. Every flower pungent with skunk and fuel aromas. The Grateful Breath offers pain relief and mental creativity which shatters all illusions and instills connectivity within the mind. Vista, whole new perspective of Gage.

7 – 8 WEEKS


7 – 2016



[ Mendo Breath #UV x Mendodawg ]

Our Mendo Purple series represents a project of benevolence and love. Jojorizo (R.I.P.) shared his best work to Keyplay to ensure that the future would have extraordinary flowers to enjoy. To us, benevolence is always giving our best.

By crossing the heavy-hitter, the Mendo Breath Ultraviolet, with the all-star, Mendodawg Horizons, we brought together a pairing that is sure melt the hearts and minds of all beneficial and loving beings. Expect a solid eight to nine week flower with solid
 bud structure and heavenly trichome coverage.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Breathwork #1

[ Mendo Breath #1 x Grateful Breath ]

Breathwork #1. It is vital that every breath be carried to every point within the body. Because the breath channels are so complex, breath requires our intention, our movement and our direction, so that fresh air may reach our vital organs. If the breath is whole, then the body will be filled with life. Focus on breath.

The Mendo Breath #1 and Grateful Breath have joined hands to provide joy and wonder. These selections offer something unique in every plant. Discover a variety of OGKB-characteristics along with deep purple coloring and flowers covered in crystals.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Breathwork #2

[ Mendo Breath #2 x Grateful Breath ]

Breathwork #2. Breathwork is the basis for proper function within the body. Lack of airflow within the body results in decay, just as lack of airflow within a grow environment will create sickness and decay. We must regain control over our breath to properly exist on this plane. That is why the ancients put so much focus on realizing breath. It is life, and it is also death.

The Breathwork #2 offers incredible flavor and expansion as usual. The potency and density seem to potentiate the expansive power of the terpenes. The relaxing and tension-releasing terpenes can be felt rushing through the connective tissue, cleansing and strengthening the cells within the body.

Expect a spectacular eight to nine week flower with lots of color, unique bud formation and greasy frost. Flavors range from mint chocolate chip to strawberries.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Forum Cut x Mendo Breath F2 ]

Floruit is Latin for flourish. When we cleanse our internal world and raise our awareness through our meditation, we Floruit.

Floruit best describes the life force within these seeds. Both parents originate from the legendary Cherry Pie Kush and OGKB lines, which contain the sour dough and floral kush funk. Dense buds with intense resin formations are to be expected.

Expect lots of tight flower formations with purple coloring and a glaze of crystal white frost. Let the flowers reach their full maturity at eight to nine weeks to see the full expression of the Floruit. Most of the weight and flavor is built in the last two weeks of flowering.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Seattle Sour x Mendo Breath F2 ]

Breathe the spirit of the Hammerhead. This healing flowers embody the Hammerhead as it prowls the body looking for its prey: toxic thoughts and toxic cells to remediate. The Hammerhead possesses the power to fight back dis-ease and darkness.

The Seattle Sour possesses a beautiful sparkling lemon-lime aroma with diesel kush undertones. With the Sour and Mendo Breath genetics to work with, the Hammerhead is a grower’s delight. Strong vibrant vegetative growth should be expected.

Every plant produces rock-hard flowers filled with potent oils and dreamlike terps. Experience headband and sour flavors drizzled with maple syrup and citrus zest. Pink and purple flowers are common in these seeds. The pictured flower is one of our smaller phenotypes. Most phenotypes get quite large and heavy. Give the flowers eight to nine weeks and your garden be filled with the spirit of the Hammerhead.

8 – 9 WEEKS



High School Sweetheart

[ Cherry Pie Kush x Grateful Breath ]

The High School Sweetheart brings us back to the days when life was more care-free. Every puff of the High School Sweetheart brings back more youthfulness and innocence.

We brought together the illustrious Cherry Pie Kush and the Grateful Breath, two of the most unique flowers and flavors in our garden. A match made in heaven! The tight forming, potent flowers in both the Grateful Breath and Cherry Pie Kush produce surprising large and dense colas.

The High School Sweetheart stays frosty and resin-packed. A perfect hash-plant. Expect beautiful color s as well. Take her to 10 weeks for extra hard flower formation. Flowering time averages between eight to nine weeks.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Lucid Blue

[ Blue Dream x Grateful Breath ]

Let the Lucid Blue take you on new adventures and explorations. This heady, high-flying flower restores our energy. By relaxing and letting the Lucid Blue take over, we heal from stress and tension both physically and mentally. The Lucid Blue takes us to powerful levels relaxation.

The Santa Cruz Blue Dream is in its next phase of evolution. By crossing her to our champion Grateful Breath Solomon male, we took the smooth and cool blue flavor and raised it several notches with kush fuel funk. The frosty and large buds are now frosty, large and rock hard. The energetic high lets creative thoughts fly while keeping the body in a state of bliss and relaxation.

Expect medium to large sized plants and flowers. Give the flowers anywhere from seven to eight weeks or until rock hard and all pistils have receded.

7 – 8 WEEKS



Mendo Breath F3 Variation 2

[ Mendo Breath F2 #2 x Mendo Breath F2 ]

The Mendo Breath F3 Variation 2 brings forth spear-shaped nuggets dipped in purple paint and layered with pearl-white frost. Every flower is a sight to behold.

The Mendo Breath brings joy to gardens. Potent and full of soul, the Mendo Breath has proven itself in both F1 and F2 generations. By selecting a OGKB-dominant #2 keeper to make the F3, we are creating new opportunities for those seeking to discover magnificent gems from seed.

The flavors range from earthy-pine to lavender-peach to chocolate. The complexities hidden within the flavors accentuate the high and meditative effects. These flowers finish between eight and nine weeks.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Forum Cut x Mendodawg ]

We strive to grow Gage aka the finest of natural cannabis. Pristine, living and expansive, our goal is to embody all the exceptional qualities of healing herb in our art and in our seed. An example of such beauty, the Paragon aka the Forum x Mendodawg brings forth illustrious wonders for all to enjoy.

The Paragon brings forth incredibly tight and frosted flowers. The thick layer of frost creates spectrums of spearmint, fruit and cake batter filled with healing potency. Each flower has the potential to express in many ways.

Some flowers stay tight and rock hard while others explode with foxtails. Expect hints of purple on these beautiful flowers. The effects are strong and uplift the mind while releasing the body of tension. The mind expansion sends us to new worlds.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Philosopher’s Stone

[ Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze x Mendodawg ]

Legends speak of the Philosopher’s Stone as a substance or compound which could turn base metals into precious metals. The Philospher’s Stone, when used with intention, will bring about a divine transformation.

This inquisitive and thought-provoking cross between the Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze and the Mendodawg Horizons produces flowers imbued with transformative powers. Perfect for mental explorations and physical activity. The Philosopher’s Stone produces a heady and hazy stone.

The plants are fast-flowering for a typical haze, a quality inherited from the SSSDH mother which finishes indoors in nine weeks days and produces a soaring, lemon haze. Combined with the Mendodawg, expect a range of berry and melon flavors to come along with the lemon-lime.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Time Traveler

[ Daywrecker x Mendodawg ]

What would you do if you could change the path of human history? Let the Time Traveler take you back to the old school days of diesel and gas.

We inherited the Daywrecker through a kind friend in Los Angeles, California area. A legendary clone that originated in the early 90’s, the Daywrecker aroma overpowers even the Sour Diesel. This cut is the predecessor to the Sour D and has very similar bud structure and appearance. She doesn’t hold back on the gas. Daywrecker fills rooms with skunk, chem and diesel terpenes.

We paired the Daywrecker with the Mendodawg Horizons, a Chemdawg OG-structured male with fruity kush flavor. Together, the fill the body with pine and fruit punch. Every flower is coated with resin and produces incredible new flavors and smells.

8 – 9 WEEKS


12 – 2015



[ Cherry Puff 10 x Joseph ]

Another trichome wonder has been manifested with backcross pairing of Cherry Puff, Cherry Pie x Joseph, and the Joseph himself. The special selection of the Cherry Puff #10 displayed resounding resin and extraordinary berry, dough and gas flavors.

Every female will produce multitudes of crystals. Bred for grease and massive heads, this cross is every hash maker’s dream. Expect a vigorous plant that manifests holistic love.

7 – 8 WEEKS




[ Cherry Pie Kush x Mendodawg ]

Let us welcome this defining new cross between the legendary Mendocino Cherry Pie Kush with the Gage Green Genetics Mendodawg Horizons male. We pollinated our outdoor Cherry Pie Kush with the first pollen from the Mendodawg Horizons male in 2014. After a year of selection, we have selected a few key females and males to continue future projects.

We give bountiful gratitude to our family in Mendocino and the Emerald Triangle who have guarded the treasure natural, sungrown cannabis for the past six decades. Truth prevails.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Blackberry Kush x Grape Stomper OG ]

Cannabis brings forth community and harmony to the utmost. Communitas represents the pinnacle and equilibrium of society and human interaction. We witness this in action when we come together to celebrate the sacrament. Let every bud strengthen the bond between all life.

We mixed two renown hash lines to fill the mind and body with joyful vibrations. The Blackberry Kush is known for her berry Afghani flavors and frosty purple and white flowers. Expect to see world class resin production and flavors more complex than the finest wines.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Sour Headband x Mendodawg ]

An herbal device for reaching deeper dream states, the Dreamtime cross brings forth fractal vision from within. Bred for potency and power, this cross pairs two heavy hitting indicas with gas and kush ancestry. Inhale the Dreamtime and discover inner vision.

This plant grows vigorously and produces large heavy colas of stacked calyxes and diesel flavored resin with a hint of grapes. The Mendodawg adds weight to an already large yielding Sour Headband. Your destiny waits.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Elegy for Jojo

[ Purple Kush x Grape Stomper OG ]

A dedication to a mentor, a master and a legend in the connoisseur cannabis community, Jojorizo (R.I.P.) blazed a trail that is still on fire to this day. We dedicate this melody to Jo the man who taught Keyplay the subtleties of cannabis breeding.

The Oakland Purple Kush meets the Grape Stomper OG. Both cuts have a special place in our hearts. We inherited infinite blessings from Jojo. Without him, we would not be here today. His passion and fire burns on at Gage Green Genetics. Rest in Peace.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Grateful Breath F2

[ OGKB x Joseph ]

Refining the cedar fuel and diesel breath melodies of the Grateful Breath has culminated in this over two year selection process for the finest F1, Grateful Breath parentage. Through the years we have tested multiple stalwart mothers and fathers, ultimately leading to the selection of the Most High performing genetics from the OGKB and Joseph library.

Enjoy ever expanding mind body potency with every breath. This cross, bred for strength and high, surpasses even the potency of hash oil. Each hit will send waves of gas down every nerve. Cultivate the sacred energy and fuel your mind with visions of new worlds with this second rendition of the Grateful Breath. Love All.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ OB Ripper #7 x Mendodawg ]

Impressions of delight lift the spirit and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. A swirl of strawberries and mint ice cream creates a new type of kush that reeks fire. Let Impressions deliver its volatile aromas and potency from its oily resin and trichome density.

Setting aside the kush, fruit trichome extravaganza, the vigor on this extraordinarily fast and vibrant flower will surely please all growers. Let holistic impressions take you to a positive state of mind.

8 – 9 WEEKS



Le Montage

[ Lemon Diesel x Mendo Montage ]

A subtle swirl of lemons, berries, and chocolate can be detected in every flower. Whether one discovers the purple flower or the lime flower, the flavors will penetrate the blood brain barrier and fill the body with pure aromatic essences.

By combining the proven Mendo Montage with our Lemon Diesel, expect untold potency and structure variation. Both legends in their own right, the Le Montage fuses the high pitched lemons with the deep earthy aromas of the Mendo Montage. Be blessed.

7 – 8 WEEKS



Raspberry Montage

[ Raspberry Bubba x Mendo Montage ]

The Raspberry Montage delivers meditative delicacy for those seeking relaxation and mental adventure. Ascend to new heights with elevated terpene profiles and penetrating potency. We give thanks for the beauty produced by this pair of classic genetic lines sourced and created in Northern California.

The Raspberry Montage bears heavy fruit filled with sticky, mouth-watering resin. Each bud glistens with a thick layer of white hash that highlights its purple interior. Find bountiful joy and inner peace.

7 – 8 WEEKS



Sophisticated Lady

[ Ghost OG x Grateful Breath ]

Explore the layers between the famous Ghost OG and our very own Grateful Breath, the stud named Solomon. These parents have brought forth extravagant, strong seedlings with a sole intention – to expand the mind.

Explore the OG Kusb, OGKB, and Joseph combination that will surely inspire All. The hard buds form themselves into immaculate sculptures of crystalline kush.

7 – 8 WEEKS


 5 – 2015



[ Ghost OG x Joseph ]

Ad Hoc provides choice Sour & OG aromas. The Ghost OG mother carries a legendary pine and gas profile which harmonizes with Joseph’s Original Diesel heritage.

The Ad Hoc is a bushier and heavier yielding version of the Ghost with hints of diesel and haze. Potency is carried through. The Joseph adds stature and increases the resin content in the offspring. The larger resin heads and buds make this a perfect hash plant for water extracts.

The effects will be heavy and lean indica. The Joseph-dominant diesel varieties will offer heady perspectives. Each seedling will be worth exploring. Ad Hoc is highly recommended for pain relief and insomnia.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Animal Cookies x Joseph ]

Animism is a perspective which recognizes everything possesses a soul. When our minds and bodies are activated, we experience life within all things. To speak to nature is the path of a healer. The herb desires companionship.

We give thanks to Norcal for gifting us the authentic clone. The kush leaning Animal Cookies, with sappy resin rails and dense calyx formations, is one of our favorites. She yields heavier than the Forum and has a kush and asphalt aroma with a dash of lime.

The Animism produces heavy resin. Every sugar leaf is coated with living and breathing heads which fuels heavy, full-body sedation. May we recognize soul in all life.

8 – 9 WEEKS




[ Mendo Queen x Grape Stomper OG ]

Expand your lungs and your mind with the sour, floral and fruit essences of the Crimson Crush. A galactic union between two in-house productions providing untold frost and meditation.

The Mendo Queen, our choice mother from the Mendo Montage series, flowers dark purple and smells of strawberries and chocolate. The Grape Stomper OG male brings a candy grape aroma and endless frost production. These two legendary lines finally meet in the Crimson Crush.

Resinous and rich in flavor, the Crimson Crush brings out the best of both lines. The Crimson Crush has tremendous hash and resin collection potential. The tall trichomes and pink flowers make this a delicacy for ages to come.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Green Ribbon x Joseph ]

As the long slender branches of the Dream Catcher reach for the skies, our dreams materialize into reality. The Dream Catcher brings inner vision and fuels creativity.

We choose this name because of the Green Ribbon’s dreamy effects. The Green Ribbon has built its notoriety on its flavorful extracts. In creating the Dream Catcher, our goal was to increase the resin content for concentrates while retaining the magnificent smells and structure of the Green Ribbon.

The Dream Catcher grows big and vigorous. Be sure to train her and watch her thrive. Her high is relaxing and warm.

7 to 8 WEEKS




[ Cherry Puff x Grape Stomper Aloha White Widow ]

When we let the herb guide our meditations, we find ourselves catapulted into a new world of colors and limitlessness. The Cherry Puff ‘#10’ mother was our most insightful and intuitive herb. She not only produced intense frost, but also intense visions.

We combined two of our frostiest and stinkiest parents. With the combination of the tropical fruit flavors of the Grape Stomper Aloha White Widow, expect the unexpected. These dense Euphoric buds have flavor, potency and bag appeal. One or two puffs will make anyone feel young again. Euphoric makes us carefree and full of imagination.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Forum Cookies x Grape Stomper Aloha White Widow ]

Herb is beneficial to all and humanity has much to be grateful for. Our communion with this sacred plant gives us the ability to see and perceive beyond this realm.

The Foo Fighter aids humanity in untold ways. The tremendous flavors offer expansion in ways we have never experienced. Papayas and mangoes blend perfectly with the rose petal savor of the Forum Cookies. The flavors of every seed are unlike any other.

Expect to see dense and colorful buds glazed with resin. Plants that take after the Grape Stomper Aloha White Widow will create heavier yields.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Forum Cookies x Sharon Stone Chem King ]

We love herb for its ability to reconnect us to our true source of love. Gawd Dawg is a dedication to the light within all of us.

We combined our Forum Cookies cut with our ‘Sharon Stone Chem King’ male. The Sharon Stone Chem King is a Daybreaker backcross, accented with Mendocino Purple. With Purple, Chemdawg, and OG Kush influences, the SSCK male accentuates the deep and rich aromas from the Forum Cookies. Lavender fuel.

The Gawd Dawg forms rock solid buds covered in sticky, oily resin. Every bud has hints of purple. Expect smells that range from gas to floral to fresh grapes. May the healing run deep.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Cherry Puff x Grape Stomper OG ]

Every individual is a Precious Child in our eyes. By loving others as we love ourselves, we express the unconditional love that trumps all evil. Let this Precious Child be a reminder of our inner child.

The Cherry Puff ‘Alana’ was selected as the mother in this project. When we combined the cherry and camphor flavors of the Cherry Puff with the candy and fruit flavors of the Grape Stomper OG, we discovered a world of untold wonders. Every plant displays a unique variation on the grape and diesel profiles. Experience flavors from sweet wine grapes to jasmine.

Each puff of the Precious Child brings us back to our childhood days. The classic flavors resonate with each puff. This cross will bring back memories.

8 to 9 WEEKS


1 – 2015


[ SFV OG x Cherry Puff]

Apogee means the “highest point.” As with everything in life, our intention is to reach the pinnacle of our potential. To achieve our fullest is what we believe healing is all about. Through this crossing of two high-performing parents, we expect to produce meditation herb which launches us into communion with the most high.

8 to 9 WEEKS



[ Breakout x Grape Puff ]

Ascension will bring you garden happiness and health. In order to ascend, we must develop a holistic mindset of our world. When we consider decisions and thoughts from multiple perspectives, we gain a universal consciousness which is beneficial for our planet. As a species, we must gravitate towards synergy and create sustainable systems.

Both the Breakout, 3A female, and the Grape Puff, 3D male, were selections from our outdoor garden. Both have been bred and raised in a completely probiotic garden, original seed stock from the Joseph stud. We are excited to bring this exciting flavor to the world, with purple trichomes and an endless fruitbasket of flavors.

Some phenotypes reek of grape candy while others lean more towards blueberries with a slight skunk spray. Expect large colas with a bit of a stretch. We recommend creating a big bush in vegetative stage before flowering. These plants can feed and love attention from the grower.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Freedom Baby x Grateful Breath ]

Rest the mind with this pleasant harmonization of rose petals and deep caramel aromas. The Baby Breath is filled with soothing cannabinoids and terpenoids which bring meditation and calming of the mind.

The body effects of the Grateful Breath complement the CBD qualities of the Freedom Baby. Defined calyx formations and dense buds are a hallmark of the Grateful Breath. The Freedom Baby mother, a phenotype we called ‘Create’ for her creative attributes, was a high-yielding and frosty selection we made a couple years back.

The Baby Breath brings out the best of both parents. Her vigor and majesty is fully expressed in probiotic environments. The Harlequin lineage brings out exotic flavors and growth characteristics without losing the grease and resin. This is meditation herb.

8 to 9 WEEKS



[ Blue Dynamite OG x Joseph ]

The Blue Dynamic is the offshoot of the legendary 1:1 (THC:CBD) Blue Dynamite clone which circulated Mendocino County in the early 2000’s. The exotic blue aroma made her more elusive and more desireable than other blueberry varieties. We received the Blue Dynamite crossed to a Laytonville OG Kush from the Jack Herer and Eddy Lepp seed collection.

A long selection process was taken to find the strongest and most flavorful Blue Dynamite OG to cross with the Joseph. We selected a heavy, blueberry pie phenotype which seemed to be the best choice we ever made. All the offspring reek of blueberries and cinnamon laden with fuel.

The high definitely retains a chill vibration. A very level herb but with plenty of mental stimulation to make her enjoyable throughout the day. A very productive and creative high. Balancing and stimulates symmetry of the mind.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Super Blue Dream x Mendo Queen / Paki Chitral Kush ]

A new kind of blue and purple flower is waiting to be discovered. This is our debut cross featuring our Mendo Paki male. A cross of the Mendocino Queen and a purple hashplant pheno of the Pakistani Chitral Kush from Cannabiogen. This male showed purple stems at an early age which signifies something special. We took the purple male and dusted our favorite Super Blue Dream.

The Super Blue Dream is one of our favorite Blue Dream cuts. It is a clone-only Blue Dream backcrossed to the Super Silver Haze. The high-flying and heady characteristics of the Super Blue Dream are paired with the body-leaning Mendo Paki genetics in order to create a balanced head and body experience.

The flavors run from chocolate hash to blueberry haze. The high puts all things to ease.

8 to 9 WEEKS



[ Cannatsu CBD x Daybreaker ]

We treasure the Cannatsu, high CBD clone bred by the late Lawrence Ringo from SOHUM Seeds, in our garden for its aromatic essence and gorgeous breeding potential. From a sturdy build to a resinous flower, the Cannatsu always impresses us with her beauty. We hope to share her beauty and cherry blossom aromas with others through this cross.

The Daybreaker adds resin and a expansive eucalyptus kush aroma to the Caregiver. The Diesel and the Chem are noticeable throughout. The Caregiver grows like a totem pole into tall spear shaped colas. Lemon and cherry flavors and the smell of living earth emanate from these buds.

Expect CBD dominance in one out of four seeds.

8 to 9 WEEKS


11 – 2014

Grateful Puff

[ Grateful Breath x Cherry Puff ]

Be grateful, for it is the highest frequency and a holy state of mind. When we meditate on good herbs, we make sure our thoughts are turned to a healing frequency. Everything we think and do while in meditation will carry on in our lives. Be blessed and be grateful for all.

8 to 9 WEEKS


Holy Stic

[ Mendo Breath x Grape Puff ]

Experience the all encompassing healing that comes with developing a holistic mindset. When we learn that all things connect, we discover ourselves.

The fine buds of the Mendo Breath CB mother inspired deep trance and colorful visions through meditations. The deep vibrations and complex flavors permeates the soul. We combined her with our Grape Puff male, selected for his extraordinary smells and frost production.

Discover a full-flavored meditation herb filled with berries and sage. Enjoy the Holy Stik with symbiosis in mind. All things matter.

8 to 9 WEEKS



[ Ghost OG x Cherry Puff ]

Become aware of subtle forces within our universe as the ancients once did. The holistic and natural remedies provided within cannabis open us up to new perspectives and abilities. We develop higher awareness and fuller consciousness through engaging with the finest nature has to offer.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Super Blue Dream x Joseph ]

Blues touches the soul. We bring back a new spin on a classic flavor, the Blue Dream. The Super Blue Dream is a combination of the Santa Cruz Blue Dream with a Super Silver Haze male. The Super Blue Dream sparkles and coats the mouth with blueberries and lemon meringue.

Take a puff of the Rhapsody in Blue and let the gentle vapors inspire you from within. The Rhapsody in Blue harmonizes haze and diesel and propels us to new realms.

9 to 10 WEEKS


9 – 2014

All Blues

[ Absolute Blueberry x Joseph ]

Like blues artists pouring out soul, All Blues is an outpouring of frosty love and goodness for all whom enjoy cannabis.

Blueberry jam on buttery toast mixed hits of passion fruit is what we heard from one tester. Another phenotype would coat the palate with blueberry yogurt. We found an amazing mother plant with the Absolute Blueberry. Her crystal blue calyxes form heavenly balls of sugar. The Absolute Blueberry will finish earlier than most outdoors. This may be useful for those with shorter seasons. With the addition of the Joseph, we expect a bit of variation but also higher yields and vigor.

Definitely a hash maker’s dream, her resin is sticky and full of flavor. Some of these buds have so much frost that they ooze resin. One lung full will send waves of soothing exotic berries through the body. Expect a very well-rounded hybrid with slight indica dominance. Every phenotype will vary slightly.

8 to 9 WEEKS


Aloha Grape Stomper

[ Grape Stomper x Grape Stomper / Aloha White Widow ]

Another Grape Stomper legacy cross has been bred to produce more of that consistent sugar and grape fuel. We found a resinous and stinky male that we knew had to be backcrossed to the Grape Stomper. With our gifts, Hazeman created beautiful seeds which we have found this GS AWW male. Huge stacks of sugary flowers for all.

Frosty to the leaf tips, the Aloha Grape Stomper shows lots of original Grape Stomper traits. Find your own combination and phenotype with its own flavor. This is a vigorous and fast growing plant with a balanced sativa and indica effect. The Aloha Grape Stomper provides a clear headed sativa high with just enough relaxation at the joints to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

8 to 9 WEEKS



[ Grateful Breath x Grape Puff ]

The eternal light burns bright inside of all of us. Only when we let go of all barriers and desire heart and soul, can we see the holiness or wholeness of all that is around us.

Duende captures the highs and the lows for full revitalization. The sourdough Grateful Breath is one of our most potent and luxurious flavors.and she draws out honest emotions and speech from flow state. We love to relax and let our minds drift into new perspectives and inventive possibilities. The Grape Puff adds weight and candy flavors to the mix.

Take your garden to the next level. Experience the frost of the Grape Puff, the structure of the OGKB and the rocket fuel vigor of the Joseph.

8 to 9 WEEKS


Giant Steps

[ Salvador x Mendo Montage ]

Take huge leaps forward with the Giant Steps from our frost collection. Choose an assortment of heady herbs, ranging from lime green to dark purples. Our testers have done a fine job displaying the beauties contained in this cross.

The Giant Steps project began when with the discovery of the most magnificent Salvador, a Trainwreck crossed to the Purple Snowman, which had pink trichomes and snelled like sour apple and cherry blossoms. Combined with the exotic fruit smells from the Mendo Montage 4 Star male, there is a world of perfume to explore.

With the Giant Steps, flavors range from cotton candy to lychee to grape mixed with a chem/skunk to perfect this herbal delight. Experience a wave of creative energy and functional excitement. Find relaxation and mental stimulation without the physical inhibition. This is great daytime and nighttime herb for a good balanced feel. Time to start making giant steps!

8 to 9 WEEKS


high flyer

[ Lemon Thai x Freedom Baby ]

Fly to a higher state of mind, where new perspectives bring unity and love. By inhaling the herb, we hope to reach new levels of health and consciousness.

The High Flyer contains a wide array of flavor profiles that are simply one of a kind. Indescribable spices and aromas are unleashed when grown in organic soil. When the full range develops, this cross expands the mind and body with bliss.

Mostly sativa dominant, she brings energy and mental acuity while relieving the nerves and mental tension. Grow this good medicine and enjoy your days with a smile. Your control your destiny. So fly high and lift up your thoughts.

8 to 9 WEEKS


mendo breath f2

[ OGKB x Mendo Montage ]

Our ongoing Mendo Breath development is available with the release of the limited F2 pollination between two of our favorite phenotypes from our initial selections. The Mendo Breath is a cross between the OGKB, a descendent of the infamous Cherry Pie Kush (aka the predecessor of Girl Scout Cookies), and our heavy hitting Mendo Montage male.

We found the addition of the Mendo Montage added better vegetative growth and nodes to the OGKB. Expect an assortment of vanilla, caramel and mint chocolate mixed with fresh berries.

Phenotypes may range from faster flowering to longer flowering phenotypes. Some may go up to 10 weeks to fully finish. Only a small percentage of phenotypes will yield purple traits. These power plants are loaded with vibrations that send many into a trance. We call this true Mendocino meditation herb.

8 to 9 WEEKS


white buzz

[ 5K OG / Aloha White Widow x Joseph ]

Extract the buzz from these honey-glazed buds. White Buzz produces mountains of trichomes for resin connoisseurs. Three champion genetics meet in this cross. Our pungent 5K cut of the OG Kush is one of the most ferocious plants that ever. When the Aloha White Widow hit the 5K, the sap increased. The Z phenotype of the 5K AWW has gorgeous crystal petals oozing sour taffy flavors. As usual, the Joseph packs the fuel and the frost.

This relaxing and soothing herb hits both highs and lows. The flavors invigorates mental processes while facilitating physical release. Let these glorious heads treat your insides with old school flavors and holistic vibes. These honey buds produce herb that we hope you enjoy: a potpourri of candy and tropical smoothie flavors mixed in with our classic original diesel flavor.

Let the White Buzz bring you rejuvenation.

8 to 9 WEEKS


6 – 2014



[ Mendo Queen x Paki Chitral Kush ]

Amethyst brings us a new rendition of purple cannabis. Using two modern variations on an old school profile, we have created a cross which blesses the grower with velvet dreams.

The mother is a descendant of the Mendo Purps, a long-held Mendocino strain that derives its origins from Pakistani Chitrali purples from the past. It holds a spicy gas flavor with a tangy berry overtone. The Paki Chitral Kush is a stud, landrace male, with purple pods and stems, which we obtained from Ace Seeds. The structure is bushy and squat.

Expect to see some more variation in structure in this F1 cross. Some seeds may take on the frosty Mendo look, while others may contribute more vigor with a raw landrace feel.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Atomic Montage x Mendo Montage ]

Experience the combination of two of our favorite flavors. This backcross of the Mendo Montage to Dr. Atomic’s Northern Lights selection makes the fine melon pineapple hash. The Mendo Montage is a combination of two classics: Mendo Purps and the late Jojorizo’s Crystal Locomotive (Trainwreck x Aloha White Widow). Mendo Montage is known to put out pink and purple calyxes with select phenotypes while passing on a dark chocolate flavor with high tones of raspberries and grapes.

Expect a holistic effect that leans more toward the body. The Mendo Montage backcrossed will increase the pain relief and relaxation along highlighted by the uplifting and cerebral effects of the Atomic NL. The Blast has good yields with tremendous resin production. We are excited for all the potential flavors that can be discovered through future selections with this cross.

8 to 9 WEEKS



Fortune Teller

[ Forum x Joseph ]

The Forum Cut is the best representation of the Cherry Pie Kush and Cookies ancestry to date. The golden glazed nuggets and tight calyx formations have spread all over the world, introducing folks to something truly unique.

The Forum Cut, crossed to the Joseph, maintains its tight bud formations and toasted flavors in the Fortune Teller. Except now, the Fortune Teller has increased the weight and the added new layers of flavor and frost. The menthol back-end becomes more apparent and structure on new meanings.

Like all CPK/GSC crosses, stability is not the strong suite. We definitely recommend gardeners select and maintain the stronger and more vigorous phenotypes from this cross.

8 to 9 WEEKS


prolific kush

Prolific Kush

[ PK Heirloom OG x Joseph ]

What an honor to grow the PK Heirloom OG to perfection. Also known as the G Cut, the PK Heirloom OG boasts proud OG hertitage with a strong pure candy and lemon lime spritz that enamors all who breathe her essence. Joseph blessed the PK Heirloom OG with precious jewels and a resin producing powerhouse.

What we received was the Prolific Kush, a overtly crystallized flower dripping of lime and gas. May the Prolific Kush bring you delight and awakening.

8 to 9 WEEKS



Yerba Buena

[ San Fernando Valley x Joseph ]

Life is meant to be enjoyed with good herb. That is why the Yerba Buena deserves to be in everyone’s stash. Friends of cannabis have brought us a legendary Southern California flavor, the San Fernando Valley OG Kush, to share with medicinal patients and lovers of the good herb.

Yerba Buena produces excellent quality smoke with even more amazing trichome coverage and yields than the SFV OG. Experience an assortment of candy kush flavors with hints of earthy fuel and pine. Find the perfect blend of highs and flavors in this kush-dominant cross. Recommended for those who want to try their favorite OG with a twist.

8 to 9 WEEKS


5 – 2014


Blue in Green

[ Super Blue Dream x Freedom Baby ]

When taking comfort pulls of the Blue in Green, let the soul expand with explosive waves of blueberries traversing bodily passages and bringing life and light to the deepest, darkest depths. Blue in Green is a very medicinal hybrid with incredible antioxidant aromas.

The Super Blue Dream comes from a blessed friend and grower from Los Angeles. We are honored to work with her high yields and immensely blueberry and candy haze flavors. Gandalf, tester of this cross, describes the flavor as “wonderful blueberry pancakes, sweet sugar, sour citrus, sweet fueled grapefruits, blue slurpee syrup, and the classic spicy haze.”

“This is true medicine. You get a really nice high that is very clear. The high leaves you with a warm body feeling and any area of stress or pain in your body is soothed. This is a completely social medicine that you don’t have to be afraid to leave your house. I love this strain.” Explore the potpourri of flavor profiles in this latest medicinal hybrid and treat your body to a few puffs of Blue in Green.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Golden Goat x Joseph ]

In this Golden Age of Gage, let us fill our bowls with happiness, health, harmony, and endless buds of Golden Gage. The super resinous and heady flowers produced by this cross between Joseph and the clone-only Golden Goat stimulates deep meditation. Envision infinite possibilities within your mind. This brightening herb will keep you lifted and conscious with creative thoughts.

Our Golden Goat mom comes out of Colorado and we have been blessed to work with the cut. Her babies pack on good weight throughout flower. The Golden Gage smells of zesty lemons and sour kush with a touch of pepper and haze. Crystalline resin covers every surface. Some phenotypes can tolerate more mold issues outside as well. Every phenotype is uniquely pungent and delivers the sativa high that keeps the energy going throughout the day.

Transform your world with creative thoughts and a meditation with the Golden Gage. Manifest better herb, better communities, better relationships, and a better self. This begins with sharing our best with others.

8 to 9 WEEKS



Healing Fields

[ Cindy La Pew x Freedom Baby ]

The Healing Fields is a call to return to the earth. Healing plants which clean the earth should be sowed in every ditch for the purpose of healing the land and its inhabitants. We dedicated this strain to the vision of Rev. Eddy Lepp, who gave his freedom to grow for patients at the Healing Fields, so that others could all see a brighter future.

The mother, our Cindy La Pew is a marinating pineapple skunk that makes you feel light as a feather. The finest tropical aromas we had ever come across. She retained the pineapple and inherited the classic road kill grease of the G13 Skunk. Full of flavor and potency, we paired her up with the Freedom Baby for balance and holistic vibes.

Discover medicinally-minded herb with clear and balanced highs like the Freedom Baby series. Every phenotype increases creativity and mental awareness while pushing out physical pain. The Healing Fields is a fast finisher, full of flavor and vigor. Take tokes of naturally grown herb and be blessed with healing energy and love.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Purple Kush x Joseph ]

We dedicate this herb to the majestic oak tree and to the earth in which it stands. Our latest hybrid is the Oak Tree which extends her roots all the way out to Oakland, California. The SR-71 Purple Kush is one of our favorite Oakland purps for her forests of resin, dark color and captivating high.

The Joseph increases the frost factor and every phenotype is tastier and frostier than the next. Each our diamond bud smells rich with grape caramel and diesel. The lavender vapors expand the channels and fill us with healing vibrations.

Expect fast finishing phenotypes, some finished at 50 days fully flowered. Many expressions stayed bushy and low with big dense colas. All are very vigorous and fast finishing. Not all plants turn purple but expect intense flavor and resin in every phenotype. The Oak Tree is a perfect hybrid, providing that full body relaxation while easily maintaining an upbeat social vibe and creativity throughout the day.

7 to 8 WEEKS



Orange Juice

[ COOG x Joseph ]

We have fallen in love with the citrus tang of the COOG, a Cali Orange x OG cut from Colorado. Her sweet tangy orange flavors send tingling sensations throughout the brain and her smoke is equally medicinal. Let her elevate your thoughts and melt away years of tension. She makes a great addition to the genetic library.

The bursts of orange and citrus fuel bring a new dimension to the Joseph lineup. Expect a completely crystal-coated selection with increased yield and tight calyx formation. Her high resin coverage is a hash maker’s dream. Our tester Cane Fire proved these genetics outdoors in the Hawaii sun where the probiotic flowers overcame several days of rain during flower.

Get the most out of this dabplant cross by running her naturally. The organic way to feed nutrients enhances the creation of nature’s beautiful antioxidants and oils. Her gorgeous buds will surely bring tasty delight for those seeking an elevated journey.

7 to 8 WEEKS




[ Cindy La Pew x Joseph ]

The Peacemaker is dedicated to you, the future of peace. Spread good vibes and create visions of joy. Thoughts of health and harmony will outshine the darkness. Good herb has powers to make thoughts turn into reality. Simply plant the seed!

The Cindy La Pew and the Joseph will pass on very medicinal cannabinoid phenotypes with high resin content and flavor profile. These babies contain have lots of fruit flavor and deep skunk tones. Automatik described his Hawaiian-grown flavors as “pungent pineapple, mango, lychee, sour OG.” Expect high yields and high vibrations with this frostmaker.

“I can’t help but to smile after exhaling a cloud, the flavor and effect complement each other so well it leaves you content and happy, with sociable feelings, harmonious thoughts, and emancipation of any anxiety, worries, or stress. The effects are felt hastily and are onset, in between the eyes, a very euphoric, soaring sativa effect that melts into a warm, relaxing physical OG body high.” Peace to all.

7 to 8 WEEKS




[ Lemon Diesel x Salvador ]

Relax and let the smooth aromas reveal their true medicinal potency. Our Lemon Diesel is the most sour lemon-flavored bud we have ever encountered, with drool-worth smells and spears of frost, she full flavor potential. We introduced her to the frost daddy, the Salvador, for much of the same reasons. The spice and floral essences are out of this world.

The Salvation is our lemon-fuel entry into the dabplant category. Take a chance at a search for a phenotype that pops at you. We wanted to offer a selection from an assortment of fruit and candy flavored phenotypes. The flavors, from tropical to citrus, make her a treat for resin hunters looking for high resin and flavor.

Our search for high grade potency never ceases. Flavor profile and oil concentration will be very important for future dabplant explorations. May the explosion of terpenes enhance your life, forever.

7 to 8 WEEKS




[ Underdawg/Chemdawg OG x Joseph ]

The Talisman transports us to new dimensions. Be prepared to meet the powerful energies contained in these resin crystals and let energies will open up portals within the mind.

The Underdawg cut is called the New York OG and originally called the Original Headband or the Daywrecker cut. She comes from old school Chem 91 and the Massachusetts Super Skunk selections with incredible diesel fuel flavors. The Joseph comes from the Underdawg. We hit the Underdawg mother with the Chemdawg OG and then crossed to the Joseph to make a whole new level of fuel.

Explore the full flavors of these gas lines. Discover pungent berries, sage, rosemary, pine, and licorice overlapping very distinct Chemdawg OG and Headband, Diesel combinations. Find limitless selection of fire in these genetics. Join the search for the pinnacle of Diesel, OG, and Chemdawg in this trifecta of diesel diamond fuel. Let the Talisman take you to new heights.

7 to 8 WEEKS


Older Releases



[ Headwrecker x Joseph ]

The Cornerstone exemplifies the finest traits of our beloved skunks and diesels. Our commitment to the pushing the limits of cannabis has led us this potent, mind-lifting diesel that packs the flavor and delivers a new outlook on cannabis.

The Joseph, with a distinct chem and diesel background, lends his outstanding genetics to the heirloom Headwrecker cut. The Headwrecker’s candy diesel smells will penetrate through any obstacles, efficient filters are a must with these champs. Lemons mixed in with sweet diesel and skunky sour smells that cannot be found in other cuts.

Expect a very sturdy plant that loves to bend and branch. The dominant sativa effects have an energetic and uplifting effect, giving users the immediate desire to do something exciting. This is wonderful medicine for fueling creativity or exercising. These genetics are the Cornerstone to our stable, ensuring a future full of frost and creative minds.

9 to 10 WEEKS




[ Chemdawg D x Joseph ]

Finally, the glory of the Chemdawg D and the Joseph can be obtained by the world! We present to you – the illustrious Daybreaker.

Opening a bag of Daybreaker will send waves of sour camphor and pine eucalyptus aromas soaring in all directions. One glance and one quickly realizes this is not your average medicine. The glistening white pearls dance along the voluptuous buds.

Daybreaker will yield huge dense colas. Train her correctly and she will give you just the right amount of branching for amazing results. This cross produces holy medicine when combined with living soil and will provide both head and body elements to meet any patient’s needs.

8 to 9 WEEKS




[ Harlequin x Joseph ]

The Harlequin cut rose to prominence in around 2011 and is still highly regarded till this day. The Harlequin will put your body in a perfectly medicated state while keeping the mind without the usual thought provoking effects of cannabis.

The Freedom Baby produces incredibly sugary buds with high CBD resin production and a thick hash flavor. It is definitely a pleasure to smoke and the non-psychoactive effect will still melt the aches and pains away. The smells of Eastern spices and sweet currant will stimulate mindfulness and internal balance.

Expect CBD dominance in one out of four seeds.

7 to 8 WEEKS




[ ’91 Hollywood Pure Kush x Joseph ]

The crystal-laden Starlet Kush will shine in any garden with its voluptuous bud formations and unforgettable honey and pine aromas.

The Starlet Kush brings the old school days of Kush, before the fruity flavors became the dominant smells. We take this legendary Pure Kush and pair it with the Joseph’s classic kush characteristics to make it a Gage Green classic. “Smells like old school weed from Long Beach,” says Irie Genetics.

Starlet Kush takes things back to their roots. “This strain makes resin and ruins scissors.” The effects are great for pain and insomnia. “I would recommend this for medical smokers who need a calming pain reliever and people with ADD or hyperactivity.”

8 to 9 WEEKS