The Yin & Yang of Herb – Probiotics & Cannabis 2015

This article was written for a brand new magazine focusing on probiotics and healthy cannabis – Probiotics & Cannabis. Below is the full article from the premier issue – April 2015.

The Yin and Yang of Herb by Gage Green Group

Herb is holistic. It contains yin and yang. We must not fall prey to the thought that cannabis alone will make us better. We must think of the whole picture. Just like any tool, cannabis contains both polarities and we must be aware of how to use the herb. Today, some folks gain tremendous healing from the use of cannabis, even till the point of reversing cancer. Some people use cannabis, however, without getting better. In fact, sometimes the symptoms only get worse. At one point in my life, no matter how much cannabis I smoked, my body was getting weaker. Why is this?

Healing with cannabis depends on the mind of the user. Herb reveals our innermost thoughts and allows us to express our true nature. Unknowingly to most, our minds enter a meditative state when we consume the herb. This state makes us more sensitive towards our environment. That is why herb should always be combined with holistic activities. Stretching, hiking, cooking, socializing or meditating. What we do while we smoke makes us who we are! Unhealthy ideas promoted in popular media can become a part of us. If we smoke while engaging in bad posture, the relaxation, caused the herb, may actually change the structure of the entire bodily system and can worsen our overall posture.

Cannabis is widely gaining acceptance, yet most of us have been persecuted our entire lives. We have heard of its holistic health benefits, but at the same time we have heard many misconstrued lies about its damaging effects. Because of this, paranoia is common amongst users. Fear arises, manufactured by those who told us cannabis was bad for us. Mistrust in the herb resides within many minds. Because many of us do not believe in the healing power of cannabis, we will never gain its full benefits. In fact, we may create negative effects within their own mind body.

We all hold doubts and fears created mainly by propaganda and lies. Some folks, who have smoked herb for decades, still do not believe cannabis is actually medicine. Because our thoughts create our reality, everything we think, true or untrue, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is why some cannabis users may never reach their full potency as human beings. Their mind holds them back from experiencing the truth. That is why the same herb can be helpful to some and damaging to others. Cannabis has the ability to be good for humanity. But we first, we must become conscious of all its attributes.

If only humanity was still told the truth from the start, we would not doubt our connection with the mother of herbs. Fear not, cannabis has evolved with humanity for over ten thousand years. Our ancestors medicated with herb, made clothing with hemp and used herb to experience the divine. References to cannabis can be found in almost every culture and religion in this world.

Cannabis can be good and bad for a human being, depending on the thoughts that we wield. Not all cannabis use is good use. The majority of cannabis being grown is filled with toxins and pesticides which will diminish or eliminate the healing and meditative effects of true probiotic herb. Also, many people will flip on the television when they sit down to connect with the sacrament. The programming will easily instill distorted messages and imbalance within the mind. Media and propaganda will only separate us from our true nature and healing. Be in control of what you think, do not let others dictate your state of being. Herb will make turn your thoughts and dreams into a reality. So think wisely!

When the mind is relaxed, all things come to light, good or bad. Our thoughts and emotions are more easily expressed in this level of mind. Be aware in order to direct its flow and free our minds from harmful programming that limits our potential. Learn to utilize and harness the infinite mind. When the television programming is on, the mind forgets how to operate. Eyes become dull and creativity diminishes instantly. This is how some people lose intelligence from herb. True cannabis meditation is full of visions and colors. An activated mind uses every neuron and fiber in the body to manifest feelings of joy and wholeness. The beauty of a creative and lifted mind exceeds anything ever made on film. The “DMT” experience can be gained through closing the eyes and meditating with cannabis.

Meditation is observing self. It is the releasing of mental, physical and emotional blockages that prevent us from being in harmony with our world. When we enter the sacrament, we prepare our mind body to heal and channel energy into specific areas of our consciousness. Be confident in the healing potential within you and the herb. With every breath, our bodies expand with healing and rejuvenation. Be high and lifted up. Let us turn heavenly dreams into a reality.

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